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The Swedish FM called for UNHRC to discuss the Goldstone report. During the UN General Assembly, the Swedish delegation walked out during Ahmadinejad’s speech, but it otherwise supports Aftonbladet’s blood libel against Jews.

Israel, too, can ask the International Criminal Court to investigate Sweden. Crimes against humanity carry no statute of limitations, and the ICC, technically, can prosecute Sweden for the savage crimes it committed against other European nations during its 17th-century conquests.

Palestinian and foreign Arab opinion has pushed Abbas to renege on his promise to Obama to avoid bringing up the Goldstone report in the UNHRC.

Egypt, Libya, the Palestinians, and other paragons of human rights joined Sweden in demanding that the UN Security Council discuss the report.

The story illustrates the value of Arab promises: Abbas technically observed his pledge to Obama, but arranged for Egypt to call for the UNSC hearing.

Druze border policeman Ibrahim Ghanem has been indicted for smuggling over a hundred Arabs into Israel.

Ibrahim’s efforts are minor compared to the government’s negligence, which allows more than 200,000 Palestinian and 20,000 African illegals to remain in Israel.

Local media lambasted border policemen who—oh, horror—held an Al Jazeera crew at a checkpoint for two hours because Jerusalem is closed to northern Arabs due to riots.

A normal country would have banned the terrorist TV station, but in Israel Al Jazeera is accredited and allowed to attend the prime minister’s briefings.

In the wake of Arab riots, major halachic authority Rabbi Elyashiv reiterated his prohibition for Jews to visit the Temple Mount—as indeed the Muslims demand. The visits are banned because Jews lack the ashes of a red heifer for purification, and so persist in a state of ritual impurity. There are many red cows in Israel, but rabbis set an unrealistically high standard, that the cow must have no more than two hairs of another color.

Basic decency toward the Jews who guard our country against rioting Arabs would have suggested Rabbi Elyashiv keep silent on the matter for the time being.

The Palestinians are using the Temple Mount riots as a dress rehearsal for the Third Intifada.

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