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Recently, UNRWA denied Hamas’s accusations that the relief agency wants to teach the Holocaust to Palestinian children. It now transpires that such a program is indeed in the works, though only as a small part of general human rights education.

Hamas will block the lessons, which is good. Why do Jews insist on flaunting our sorrows before our enemies? Impoverished children in Gaza refugee camps, suffering from the Israeli blockade, cannot feel pity toward Jewish victims of the Holocaust. They would laugh and cheer the Nazis, and the only lesson they can draw from their education is that murdering Jews is a respectable European habit which they should emulate.

IAF jets intercepted a private light plane that entered a no-fly zone near the officially non-existent nuclear reactor in Dimona.

Had the plane been filled with explosives and aimed for a suicide attack, it would have had enough time to crash into the reactor building.

Israeli military companies are trying to cope with new rules of the game now that Israel has ratified the OECD’s anti-bribery convention. Only 37 other countries have ratified the convention, and its implementation, if it is honest in the least, would preclude Israel from winning military supply tenders in corrupt third-world countries—her only markets.

Arab members of the Israeli Knesset ascended the Temple Mount to investigate the damage Jews allegedly caused to the Islamic abominations there.

Nine years ago Arabs started a second Intifada over Ariel Sharon visiting the Temple Mount. Muslims are normal—they defend their holy places. But Jews are polite, content to allow the desecration.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Lieberman has prepared a draft of Israel’s new foreign policy that places great emphasis on Israeli relations with Third World countries.

Lieberman’s plan revamps Israel’s old peripheral strategy, which is aimed at befriending African countries in order to encircle our Arab enemies. The peripheral strategy failed, as the Africans had no particular reason to ally themselves with Jews. Diamond business and small-arms sales are the last vestiges of the defunct policy.

Lieberman’s Third World agenda is a result of the Western governments’ virtually boycotting him.

By seeking to diversify Israel’s foreign ties Lieberman clashes with Jewish leftists, who need the threat of America abandoning us to push for Israeli concessions. The US administration cannot be happy with Israel inroads into the Western hemisphere, the American sphere of influence.

Lieberman’s policy is regrettably still-born.

Saudi king Abdullah visited Syria. Abdullah rarely leaves his country, as it is customary for other Arab rulers to visit him.

Relations between Saudi Arabia and Syria have been strained for the last few years, as Abdullah resents Syrian help to Shiite radicals in Lebanon.

It may be that Abdullah is trying to pry Assad away from Iran, into the American embrace. It is no less likely that Assad is mediating between near-nuclear Iran and Saudi Arabia, which has come to accept Iran’s nuclear status.

Saudi Arabia has every reason to fear Iranian retaliation for its cooperation with the US against Iran’s nuclear program, such as the kidnapping of Shahram Amiri, an Iranian nuclear scientist making a pilgrimage to Mecca.

The Israeli government sent IDF to protect our Palestinian enemies from Jewish villagers who allegedly vowed to disrupt their olive harvest. The troops are almost never deployed preventively to defend Jewish villagers against credible threats of Palestinian attacks, but protecting Palestinians has become IDF’’s Samaria Brigade’s raison d’etre.

By allowing the Palestinians to harvest millions of olive trees in border zones, the Israeli government assures their continued interest in the conflict. Normal countries make border areas into no-man’s land, but Israel prides herself on allowing her enemies to profit from border intrusions.

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