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The Telegraph has confirmed an earlier report by an Iranian blogger who was arrested for calling Ahmadinejad a converted Jew.

The newspaper managed to enlarge Ahmadinejad’s photo with his ID card which shows his previous name, Sabourjian, which is indeed Jewish. Failing to discover information so damaging to the Iranian president is a major blunder on the part of Iranian intelligence agencies.

As a convert from Judaism, Ahmadinejad has no immigration rights under the Israeli Law of Return.

Ahmadinejad’s behavior is nothing shocking. Scores of other former Jews, including J Street and Peace Now, are equally hateful toward Israel.

Al Qaeda has invented a revolutionary new mode of bomb transportation: inside humans. It has been revealed that a month ago, a suicide bomber approached Saudi prince Nayef with about three ounces of plastic explosive hidden in his stomach, and blew himself up in an unsuccessful assassination attempt.

Intercepting such body bombs would require completely refurbishing airport security with ultra-sensitive metal detectors capable of detecting the small amounts of metal used for detonators. But then, terrorists can use liquid detonators, which have no metal parts.

After Israel released 20 Palestinian terrorists in exchange for a video showing Shalit alive, Hamas leader Mashaal vowed to order more kidnappings to release more Palestinian prisoners. At the current exchange rate, Hamas needs to kidnap 10 more Israelis to have their 11,000 jailed terrorists released.

Mashaal certainly understands that his announcement plays against the exchange, but is certain that Netanyahu’s government is up against the wall and will conduct the exchange no matter what.

Despite gleeful media reports on the Geneva talks with Iran, the negotiations achieved nothing. At most, Iran agreed to enrich some its uranium overseas. There is not a chance of the ayatollahs closing down the Natanz and Qom centrifuge plants, the Arak heavy water facility, or their Weapon Group, which works on shaping uranium into warheads.

The ayatollahs have not decided yet to cross the Rubicon and make the bomb. They are concentrating on enriching as much uranium as possible and overcoming the technical difficulties in shaping a nuclear charge. North Korea’s nuclear bomb apparently failed because of its faulty design, and the Iranians have a lot of research in front of them.

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