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The Jerusalem Post reports Waqf’s satisfaction over Israel’s arrest of Rayed Salah, a leader of the Northern Islamic Movement. Salah instigated the Temple Mount riots.

Misinterpreted as a sign of moderation, the Waqf’s satisfaction actually demonstrates its serious problems with Salah. A popular leader, Salah threatens Waqf’s authority on the Temple Mount. Waqf is glad to have the opportunity to neutralize Salah with Jewish hands.

The police were wrong to quash the riots. Instead, they should have been allowed to deteriorate into an uprising allowing us a pretext for expelling the Arabs.

Waqf is an official agency charged with maintaining the Temple Mount. While Jews think that Israel controls the place, Waqf is in fact a Jordanian organization. Israel likewise surrendered East Jerusalem de facto to the PA, which runs schools and issues building permits there while Jews pay for the schools and municipal infrastructure.

Iran refused the Vienna draft, which was approved previously by its own representative at the talks. Besides refusing to export its nuclear stocks for reprocessing abroad, Iran wants the international community to recognize its right to further enrich uranium. As a token gesture, Iran agreed to the IAEA’s supervision of further enrichment, so the world can get a front-row seat for the nuclear drama.

Instead of acquiescing to the West’s demands, Iran pressed its own—and so far appears to be winning.

Residents of Pisgat Zeev neighborhoods took their fight with the imams into Jerusalem municipality. At 4 to 5 o’clock every morning, Muslims turn on hundreds of loudspeakers and broadcast the muezzin prayer, which makes a quiet neighborhood somewhat louder than a busy railroad station.

The muezzin problem was once confined to predominantly Arab neighborhoods, so everyone thought that Jews were free to leave if they didn’t like their neighbors. But now the Arabs have begun to make their loudspeakers ever louder to drown out their neighbors’ speakers.

Police cannot hunt for the speakers because the Arabs often put them in windows just before prayer time and remove them promptly. There is no solution short of expelling the Arabs.

Obama has appointed former Senator Chuck Hagel to chair the Intelligence Advisory Board, which is largely responsible for forming Obama’s policy on Iran.

Hagel has gone on record with seriously anti-Israeli views.

About 150,000 Jews gathered for the annual prayer at Rachel’s tomb in Bethlehem. The numbers speaks for themselves: more Jews than Arabs feel an attachment to that town.

The town which must give birth to the messiah has been abandoned to the Palestinian Authority. Since no Jews reside in Bethlehem, how can there be a messiah?

Hamas boasts that Netanyahu’s government has agreed to release 18 out of the 125 murderers the terrorist group demands in exchange for Shalit. Olmert refused to release them.

Arabs assaulted six Jewish men who came to Jerusalem’s Beit Tsafafa neighborhood with an eviction order for a house which belongs to a Jew.

The Jews had to use firearms to escape the Arab mob. Police are investigating the Jews.

The White House’s newly released list of visitors includes the names of Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers. Obama claims to have  broken ties with Wright, a virulently anti-Semitic preacher, and Ayers, a controversial leftist radical.

According to the White House, Wright and Ayers are merely the namesakes of the pastor and leftist.

So concerned with Israel’s imagined war crimes during the Gaza conflict, UNHRC was more favorably disposed toward Sri Lanka, declaring in a resolution that the decades-long conflict, which has left tens of thousands of civilians dead and at least 270,000 refugees living in camps, is a “domestic matter that doesn’t warrant outside interference.”

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