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The allegedly impenetrable nuclear enrichment site near Qom is actually cut into a mountain, rather than being located in Al Qaeda-style tunnels. Though protected by TOR-1M, covered with fortifiied concrete, and located behind a mountain, the site would be an easy target for Tomahawk missiles. IAF could execute the strike even without GBU-28 bunker buster bomb (which Bush and Obama refused to sell to Israel) by striking first with Tomahawks, then with the available GBU-39s.

Some things are just funny: Libya and Venezuela have signed declaration on fighting terrorism.

Libya is a premier sponsor of terrorism. Like Iran, Libya outsourced state terrorism to various terrorist organizations, mostly Palestinian Abu Nidal and the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine. Libyan terrorism peaked with the Lockerbie airplane bombing. Since then Libya has kept a low profile, even giving up its advanced nuclear program under US-British pressure.

Venezuela is an aspiring terrorist state. Trapped within the US sphere of influence, Venezuela cannot support terrorism openly, but it cooperates with liberation movements in Latin America. With that in mind, Chavez and Gaddafi proclaimed in their declaration that terrorism in pursuit of liberation is not terrorism.

Despite being ostensibly aimed against terrorism, the declaration actually supports it by allowing terrorism to liberation movements.

Ironically, Venezuela and Israel support the same terrorist rebels in Colombia. The scandal broke out when the Russians arrested Colonel Yair Klein, one of the scores of Israeli military instructors training the Colombian FARC rebels.

Terrorism is on the rise in Latin America, where large expatriate Arab communities support Iranian-backed Hezbollah.

The two Palestinian terrorist groups, Fatah and Hamas, have again announced their near-reconciliation. Their disagreement now revolves around the percentage of district candidates versus election lists in the upcoming elections. Since Israel bans Hamas from participating in elections, Hamas uses smokescreen parties, but mostly relies on district candidates. Hamas demands that at least 30% of Palestinian MPs be elected in district voting. Fatah lacks popular candidates, and the arrangement would ensure that Hamas gets at least 30% of the seats in the next Palestinian parliament.

Fatah reportedly agreed to include 3,000 Hamas guerrillas in its police force, which is financed by Israeli tax transfers. That influx would probably be limited to Gaza.

Hamas has previously rejected the PLO’s previous agreements with Israel, but has now agreed to “respect” rather than “recognize” them. European governments accept this transparent lie. They need Hamas back in the Palestinian government in order to regain a nominal partner for the peace process.

Very soon, the Hamas as we know will look like a moderate entity. Under pressure from young radicals, Salafi Muslim fundamentalists, and Iran, Hamas is drifting toward political and religious radicalism, which will hopefully preclude any settlement with Israel.

The leader of Lebanese Druze, Walid Jumblatt, has signed an agreement with Hezbollah to deploy SAM batteries in Lebanon’s Druze regions. Their only target is Israeli planes.

The State of Lebanon has failed to the extent that its militias openly trade SAM batteries between them, but the West refuses to permit the only solution: partitioning Lebanon between Israel and Syria, with a Christian enclave in between.

If someone thought that Obama was impressed by Netanyahu’s UN speech, he was mistaken.

The US administration has called on Israel and Hamas to investigate the allegations in the Goldstone report. The Jews and the terrorist organization are thus put on equal footing. Israel will predictably acquit herself in the investigation, prompting the UNHRC to refer the matter to the ICC. The very fact of the investigation stamps Israel as probably guilty of war crimes—and who will remember the word “probably”?

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