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Ok, just kidding. The UNHRC is preparing to adopt a Palestinian-backed resolution which would send the Goldstone report to the International Criminal Court in Hague.

Though the report also accuses Hamas and Fatah of war crimes, the Palestinians are sufficiently certain of their impunity to risk the ICC.

Livni bravely announced her willingness to stand trial before the ICC—not surprisingly, since as a foreign minister at the time she bears no responsibility.

Despite the Palestinian attempt to put us on trial, Israel continues tax transfers to the PA—the logical outcome after we brought the terrorist monsters from Tunisia to the West Bank and gave them weapons to fight us.

Israeli media are engaged in heated discussion over Iran’s latest test of nuclear-capable 1,200-mile range missiles. The same media frighten the public about Russian S-300 sales to Iran.

We can solve both problems by purchasing S-300 and S-400 from Russia to end the Iranian missile threat. The Israeli Arrow-2 ABM system is not quite capable of intercepting such missiles, and the American Patriot ABM is both less capable and madly more expensive than the S-300.

The Arabs hurled stones at Jewish tourists from France who ascended the Temple Mount and purportedly committed the crime of praying there.

Israeli Jews are absolutely forbidden to pray at their holiest site—lest the Arabs be offended—but the restrictions are not normally applied to foreigners, so the Arabs took matters into their own hands.

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