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Another deadline for sanctions on Iran has passed. The ayatollahs did not agree to negotiate their nuclear program before the UN summit, and the West did not move against Iran.

The negotiations scheduled for October 1 will be empty, since Iran has explicitly refused to make any concessions on its nuclear program.

Now G-20 threatens sanctions if Iran does not merely disclose all its nuclear sites before December, though the “secret” locations are not secret at all to our intelligence, and there is really nothing to disclose.

Israel cannot wait even until December because the operation of the second uranium enrichment facility near Qom means that Iran has already enriched uranium for two or three nuclear bombs, which is in line with our estimate, and contrary to the IAEA’s statements.

In a BBC interview, Olmert bragged of having offered the Palestinians the best deal they could ever get, including international control over Jerusalem. For a normal Jew, offering our enemies the best deal would be a source of regret.

Olmert’s trial, set to start on February, will include all kinds of trivial chargesóbut not high treason.

The biggest problem is that any Israeli government, including Netanyahu’s, will give the Palestinians exactly the same deal, because the Arabs refuse to make peace with Israel without the Temple Mount, and for some bizarre reason Israel is bent on signing a peace treaty with our defeated enemies on their terms.

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