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Obama spoke harshly at the UN, saying, “the US does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements.” Despite polls that indicate overwhelming support for Israel in America, Obama pretends that normal Americans share his anti-Semitic policies.

It follows from Obama’s speech that both new and old construction in all Israeli settlements—and the Kenyan numbers East Jerusalem among these—are illegal to the US administration.

Obama has thus rescinded Clinton’s and Bush’s approval for most settlements, and returned to Carter’s hard-line stance.

The General Assembly greeted Obama’s pronouncement with the loudest applause during his entire speech. The one thing which unites this world is anti-Semitism.

As we expected, Abbas rescinded his promise of yesterday to restart peace talks with Israel with no preconditions.

So much for Arab promises.

Despite the Aftonbladet row and other incidents, and despite the rise of domestic anti-Semitic groups, Sweden extended its hand to Israel when Swedish representatives walked out of the UN General Assembly hall during Ahmadinejad’s speech.

Unfortunately Swedish goodwill toward Israel, just like that of other Western countries, is limited to empty declarations.

Amid much maneuvering, the Russians have agreed to support sanctions on Iran. Their decision might not be final, and could be aimed at extorting still more oil and gas concessions from Iran.

In the meantime, the Russians have ensured that China vociferously opposes sanctions on Iran. The Chinese FM formally issued a statement rejecting the sanctions.

IDF has formed a new unit specifically to attack Jewish villagers who refuse the order to vacate their homes in settlements and outposts.

This is no big deal, though, as IDF has been persecuting Jews in Judea and Samaria for many years.

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