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The Chief of Iran’s nuclear agency announced the installation of new centrifuges, which can increase their output of enriched uranium up to 10 times—that is, to enough for about 30 nuclear bombs per year.

The centrifuges in question are IR-2—already tested in ten-centrifuge cascades in 2008—or IR-3, whose successful cascading Ahmadinejad announced earlier this month. Both types are based on the P-2 design Iran received from Pakistan. Iran tested the designs up to IR-5.

Such an output would drastically change the Western attitude toward Iran: tolerating a regime with several nuclear bombs is one thing, but a major nuclear power run by ayatollahs is totally different.

An Arab from Jerusalem was routinely giving his daughters, 10 and 12 years old, electric shocks.

Deputy FM Ayalon, a lowly figure not connected to Netanyahu’s inner circle, mildly objected to Medvedev’s comments about S-300. Ayalon argued that Israel might still attack Iran if sanctions fail.

As if they had not failed already.

Notwithstanding his alleged promise to the Russians not to attack Iran, Peres said today he is sure that Netanyahu “will give Ahmadinejad what he deserves.”

Speaking to Israeli TV, Goldstone assured Jews that Israel could placate the UN by investigating her “war crimes” herself.

In fact, Goldstone’s report asserts explicitly that Israel cannot credibly investigate the alleged incidents, and that the file should go straight to the International Criminal Court.

According to the Washington Times, unspecified Arab states would offer flyover rights to Israeli commercial jets and admit Israeli tourists in return for a total settlement freeze. Saudi Arabia, the only country important in terms of overflight—itself an insignificant issue—will not offer flyover rights

During Rosh Hashanah Arabs set fire to Gilad Farm, an important outpost, while two dozen Jews celebrated there. Despite the fire engulfing their building, the Jews managed to survive.

A Tel Aviv Court acquitted poet Gregory Trestman and newspaper editor Sergey Podrazhanksy of charges of racist incitement. The investigation and trial, which took almost three years, followed the publication of tasteless but innocent political verses which decried the Arab birth rate in Israel.

The poet had the bad luck to publish his opus during the scandal over the Mohammed cartoons, and the leftist Israeli Attorney General decided to prosecute him, just in case.

The trial was not a slam-dunk affair: a few years ago a Jewish girl, Tanya Soskina, was sentenced in Israel to three years in jail for drawing a Mohammed cartoon.

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