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Netanyahu is expected to walk out of the UN hall when Ahmadinejad delivers his speech. Since nearly all the other world leaders will remain in the hall, it is Israel rather than Iran who will be thus isolated—another small victory for Ahmadinejad.

President Medvedev told CNN that Peres has assured him that Israel is not planning to attack Iran. Medvedev wouldn’t expose himself as a liar, or worse, as someone who is easily deceived by Israel. His words therefore confirm our suspicions that the Israeli government is seeking sanctions in order to avoid responsibility for attacking the nuclear mullahs.

Israeli concern with the S-300 supplies to Iran shows that the attack has not been written off.

In a recent sermon, Hamas leader Haniyeh promised Gazans that he would not respect any deal that Israel might sign with Fatah. At a time when the treacherous Israeli government is ready to cede Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem to our Arab enemies, it is so good to have someone who opposes the deal.

We disagreed with Debka’s report that Russia helped Lebanon uncover Israeli agents there. Indeed, recent leaks indicate that Lebanon discovered suspicious phone-call patterns with Echelon-type software running on its phone hubs. The software could be of American or European origin, most likely from Siemens and Nokia, which delivered similar software scanners to Khomeini, allowing the regime to scan phone calls for suspicious words and patterns.

But Israeli agents in South Lebanon typically use Israeli cell phones, so the phone-scan scenario is also doubtful. In our opinion, the network fell apart because of human errors, as Lebanese Israeli agents are typically talkative. The increased level of spy activity in preparation for the Mughniye assassination likely exposed some of the agents, who led to the rest, as compartmentalization is notoriously bad in Lebanon.

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