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In a meeting with British MPs, Peres reiterated his surprising position that the Israeli evacuation from Gaza was an error, one he vowed not to repeat with the West Bank settlements. Besides the costs, the disengagement caused a tremendous rift in Israeli society.

The mistake is easy to correct. Israeli tanks could retake Gush Katif within minutes, and the settlers would be overjoyed to move back in.

The UK’s Trade Union Congress, an umbrella labor organization, passed a resolution calling on its members to boycott Israeli goods in their private capacity as consumers.

Goods from the territories controlled by Fatah and Hamas terrorist groups are not targeted by the boycott.

The richest 100 Israelis own 258 billion shekels in assets, which translates to about $10,000 per each Israeli.
While their leeching off the Jewish state is disgusting, the amount of possible redistribution is clearly not worth a socialist revolution, and the evils of capitalism are not that great.

Nasrallah reiterated his refusal ever to recognize Israel, and called on other Arab countries to do the same. Despite Nasrallah’s personal estrangement from Iran as he vies for Hezbollah’s independent leadership, his terrorist group is still an Iranian proxy. If anything, Iran has recently increased its hold on Hezbollah, with scores of Iranian military officers heading Hezbollah units.

Iran and Lebanon won’t sign peace with Israel, regardless of any concessions she makes on the Saudi peace plan. With enemies like those, Israel’s peaceful relations with Saudi Arabia or Qatar are irrelevant.

We had voiced skepticism about Debka’s report that Israel was planning a strike on Iran during the air show there in order to extinguish the Shiites’ air combat capabilities in a single attack.

Now a test case comes out. On September 22 Iran will hold another air show, not as massive as the first one had to be, but still good enough for Israel to attack if there was such plan.

We believe that an Israeli attack on that date is unlikely, although the timing would be very good. The Obama administration so far refuses to go ahead with the talks with Iran (scheduled for October 1) unless Iran specifically agrees to discuss nuclear issues, and the Iranians discount the likelihood of an attack in the coming days in light of their IAEA triumph and the UN General Assembly.

Morocco’s government Al Quds fund purchased a minuscule 0.44 acre (1800 sq.m.) land plot in East Jerusalem to anchor Arab presence there. The deal is valued at $5 million.

Arab countries routinely attempt to buy politically sensitive properties in Jerusalem, and Israeli security services torpedo the deals. The approval for the Moroccan purchase had to come from high echelons of power, a payoff for Morocco’s benevolent stance toward Israel. Never mind that Morocco is similarly well disposed toward the Palestinian terrorists in a bid to maintain good relations with everyone.

Although most people in the West are unaware of it, Morocco runs a colonial policy in the sub-Saharan region which dwarfs the Israeli settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria.

Speaking in Cairo, Abbas accused Israel of stalling the peace talks. According to the terrorist chief, the Jews refuse to take such the necessary steps as freezing settlements.

In a twist of logic, it became “necessary” for Israel to stop construction rather than for a defeated terrorist entity to accept the terms.

While the PLO upholds the Palestinians’ right to armed resistance against the Jews, Israel finances Abbas’ administration through tax transfers, paid ultimately by Israeli consumers.

Following Netanyahu’s secret visit to Moscow, President Medvedev announced that Russia would not necessarily oppose sanctions on Iran.

It seems that Netanyahu is pushing for stronger sanctions as an excuse for military inaction against Iran. This is also the policy of his new friend Shimon Peres and his old rival Ehud Barak.

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