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While Israel continues to seek international sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, Arab countries have scored a major hit against Israel.

A 150-nation IAEA conference lambasted Israel and its nuclear program—not Iran’s. The resolution was passed on Arab votes, which sided with Iran against Israel.

The political climate has changed tremendously in the four decades since Israel adopted its doctrine of nuclear ambiguity. Today, we need not fear any sanctions over our nuclear program. As Rabbi Kahane said, it makes perfect sense for Israel to brandish nuclear weapons.

Nevertheless, the setback in the IAEA is unexpected, humiliating, and leaves little chance for sanctions against Iran at a time when similar sanctions are technically due against Israel.

Once again the EU has called on Israel to stop “settlement activity” in Judea, Samaria, and the eastern districts of Jerusalem.

The statement also demands that Israel unconditionally open all crossings with Gaza. The Europeans are undeterred by the fact that every sovereign state is entitled to close its borders to another state’s cargo and citizens.

The world’s leaders have criticized Ahmadinejad for saying that the Holocaust served as a pretext for creating Israel.

But Obama said the very same thing in his Cairo speech.

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