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Mohammed is most popular baby name in London, and the third most popular in Britain. In other European capitals, that name also nears the top.

While Muslims make up only 5% of British population, they grow 10 times faster than Christians.

In response to the UN threat to prosecute Israel in the International Criminal Court, the country launched a diplomatic campaign aimed at persuading world leaders that the precedent would endanger them, too.

America under Bush refused to join the ICC because it was likely to prosecute US soldiers for “crimes” committed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Israel scored a surprising success when Spain rescinded its universal jurisdiction law. Used at the time to prosecute IDF officials for an anti-terrorist operation, the law was shown to be dangerous to Spain’s own anti-terrorism officials. Other countries have restricted their universal jurisdiction, too.

Goldstone report may force NATO countries to curtail ICC’s jurisdiction, lest they too be sued eventually.

Both Israelis and Palestinians have dismissed Goldstone’s accusations against them.

According to Israel, Hamas started the round of war crimes with indiscriminate shelling of Israeli civilian centers, and Israel only retaliated with adequate force.

According to the Palestinians, Israel started hostilities by blockading Gaza, and Hamas’ meager response of homemade projectiles cannot be counted as a meaningful war crime when compared to IDF’s mammoth war machine.

For us, the hopeless conundrum is solved in the Gordian knot fashion: we support our country’s military actions whether she committed what are technically war crimes, or not.

The Environmental Protection Ministry is another sinecure in the bloated government. In order to justify its pitiful existence, the minister launched a campaign to reduce emissions in Israel in the face of global warming.

Global warming is related to human activities, but in any case there is nothing inherently bad about the weather becoming a bit warmer.

Any cut in Israeli emissions would come at a great cost to the economy, as factories will move into Palestinian-occupied territories. It is absurd to reduce emissions in Israel while the Arabs twenty miles away blacken the sky.

Pursuing Netanyahu’s dream of a blossoming Palestinian economy, IDF will remove 100 roadblocks this week.

Roadblocks are proven to be efficient in intercepting terrorists, and have nothing to do with the Palestinian economy. Our Arab enemies have no inherent right to travel the roads built by Jewish taxpayers, and a few hours’ transportation delay does not meaningfully harm any business.

Leading Israeli officials routinely visit Cairo, while the Egyptians do not reciprocate. Israel has accepted Cairo as a regional arbiter and a de facto mediator with the Palestinians.

Following the official line, the Israeli Ambassador to Egypt went out to meet Al Ahram’s Publishing chief in his office. Ambassadors do not normally pay such lowly visits.
Worse, the Al Ahram chief refused to meet the ambassador, instead holding a meeting with the editor of an unimportant magazine published by Al Ahram.

In an interview with Yediot Aharonot, the Defense Minister reiterated his position that a nuclear-armed Iran poses no threat to Israel.

In Olmert’s government, Barak was the only minister who opposed an Israeli strike on Syria and the operation in Gaza. When he was overruled, Barak executed both operations with tactical brilliance.

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