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As we predicted, the UN’s Gaza report by Judge Goldstone came out even-handed: both Israel and Hamas are guilty of war crimes and suspected of crimes against humanity.

As the old joke goes, the sausages are made equally of horses and quails: one horse for one quail. News consumers won’t delve into the report to see the sequence of events and find out that Hamas is the culprit, or that Hamas deliberately committed war crimes while Israel did her utmost to avoid them.

Moreover, Hamas’ crimes will be discounted because they are expected.

Israel will be forced to comply with the report and launch her own investigation of the “crimes,” lest the matter be referred to the International Criminal Court. Hamas won’t launch a similar investigation, and the UN will technically be required to pass the Hamas case over to the ICC, but Arab countries will block that move.

Shimon Peres quipped that Goldstone would have written the report differently if his children were living in Sderot. We add, Peres would have acted differently against Hamas if his children were living in Sderot.

Goldstone wrote the report as even-handedly as he possibly could. Indeed, it is impossible to conduct a military operation without “war crimes.” He erred when accepted the UN nomination and lent the investigation his high prestige and Jewishness.

Goldstone’s daughter described him as a Zionist who loves Israel. With friends like this, who needs enemies…

A Syrian court sentenced local blogger Karim Arabaji to three years in jail for political dissent.

If that sounds illiberal, consider that Israel sentenced a Jewish girl, Tanya Soskina, to a similar prison term for drawing a cartoon depicting Muhammad as a pig. During Sharon’s regime, voicing opposition to the Gush Katif disengagement was a crime punishable by jail.

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