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An Arab man from Kafr Yasim decided to wean his stepchild off diapers. To that end, the Arab pressed a heated blade against the child’s buttock.

This particular Arab has been arrested, but 1.5 million others remain free.

Police demonstrated their toughness by arresting 0.03% of the Arabs who live in Israel illegally.

Sure enough, many more Arabs and Africans entered Israel illegally the same day.

The IDF has arrested Muhammad Harwish, one of the men behind the Park Hotel attack. Since the attack’s victims include many rich and famous Jews, the affair is being prosecuted zealously.

Fatah had earlier arrested Harwish, but let him go as a goodwill gesture toward Hamas. He was freely living in Tulkarm, untouched by the US-trained Palestinian police.

Risking Jewish soldiers to arrest Muhammed was an exercise in futility because he will be exchanged fairly soon.

Silwan Shalom announced a government plan to bring 600,000 Jews to the Negev and Galilee in the next ten years. The funny part is that Shalom himself has moved from the Negev to Central Israel.

The plan is not going to materialize (like so many plans before it). Jews do not want to live among hostile Arabs of the Negev and Galilee, who constantly engage in riots and robbery while the police refrain from acting lest the Arabs riot still more.

The Knesset is discussing changes to the law which refuses Palestinian claims of property damage during military actions.

As the law stands, pro-Arab Israeli courts recognize as military actions only situations in which soldiers’ lives are in danger. Based on that ultra-liberal interpretation, Palestinians have filed hundreds of lawsuits in Israel against the state.

The changed law would recognize any operation in the West Bank as inherently dangerous, thus closing the loophole for Palestinian suits.

The proper approach would be to announce a state of war with the Palestinians and damage their property as much as is necessary to stop the terrorists.

London police have drastically curtailed Al Quds Day activities, in which Muslim throngs commemorate the loss of Jerusalem to Jews.

The English Defense League, a right-wing organization we praised recently, had called on their members to counter-demonstrate. The expected clash pushed police to limit the Muslim demonstration to insignificance.

IDF’s  Chief of Staff dismissed the recent rocket attack from Lebanon as an isolated incident.

We wonder, what would be the Pentagon’s reaction a to rocket attack on the United States from Mexico?

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