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British Community Minister John Denham compared the riots instigated by the English Defense League to fascist demonstrations in the 1930s. The accusation is ironic, since Britain supported Franco’s fascist government at the time.

The League, whose name is unmistakably similar to Rabbi Kahane’s Jewish Defense League, protests the onslaught of alien immigrants. The League is politically-correctly disguised as a group opposed to violent Islam.

Instead of encouraging anti-Islamic feelings by any possible means, Jews side with our Muslim enemies to protest the right-wingers.

Netanyahu paid a short visit to Mubarak, another of a long series of visits by Israel’s top officials which the Egyptians refuse to reciprocate. Even after 30 years of peace, no Egyptian minister wants to risk his career by visiting Israel.

The official reasons for the visit are talks about Shalit and regional peace efforts. Both are nonsense. Netanyahu need not discuss the Shalit exchange with Mubarak, as the matter is being handled by the German negotiators who are now pressing Hamas. Peace efforts have evidently been stalled, and a Hamas-Fatah reconciliation on any platform agreeable to Israel and America is unlikely.

Iran is one obvious point of discussion, especially after Netanyahu’s secret trip to Moscow. But Netanyahu was accompanied by an unusual associate, the Internal Minister Yishai, whose only conceivable competence is discussing new measures against African migrants. Very strange.

The latest clash between the Israeli Army and Jewish settlers took place at Havat Gilad in Samaria. The settlers were merely trying to move a caravan to another location within the village when the army fell on them.

The clashes took place while the IDF’s Chief of Staff praised settlers in his Jewish New Year’s address.

The communist regime has announced an upcoming third nuclear test. This time the bomb will be made of enriched uranium rather than plutonium.

North Korean leadership needs the bomb to ensure that the US won’t attempt to subvert their regime, especially as Kim’s 26-year-old son is slated to succeed him. The communists cannot comprehend that the West has grown too lazy to act even in the face of a nuclear threat, and therefore does not threaten the regime.

Given the links between North Korea and Iran, a successful test of a Korean uranium bomb means Iran has all the know-how necessary for manufacturing the weapon. The Koreans have very little supply of fissile material and would be loathe to waste it on tests.

Also, North Korea has hardly enough enriched uranium for a bomb; most of its stocks are of plutonium. Iran, on other hand, has plenty of enriched uranium.

It is highly likely that the Koreans are conducting the test in cooperation with Iran, which does not want to test its weapon on its territory. Thus, North Korean tests mean the completion of Iran’s nuclear program.

The leader of Lebanese Druze, Jumblatt, has asked Iran to supply Lebanon weapons to be used against Israel. Polite as always, Jumblatt added that Saudi Arabia, too, should supply weapons. The announcement follows Jumblatt’s decision to join the Hezbollah bloc in the government.

The Saudis and Iranians are competing for influence in Lebanon, and anti-Israeli politics makes the best common ground for them.

Jordan has signed an agreement with a Belgian company to study a suggested building site for a nuclear power plant.

The study is scheduled to take two years, providing Jordan with a face-saving excuse to delay its nuclear program indefinitely.

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