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France’s chief of staff dismissed the military option against Iran’s nuclear program on the grounds that it would be too risky.

France traditionally appeases Iran: it harbored Ayatollah Khomeini when the Shah exiled him and then provided safe haven for the Shah’s last prime minister, as it did for the Mujahedeen Khalq terrorists. When VEVAK, Iran’s security service, murdered dissidents by the dozens in France, the local authorities did not interfere.

For imperial and commercial reasons, France has no problem with nuclear Iran.

Iran’s negotiations proposal predictably offers negotiations on everything but its nuclear program. Ahmadinejad has publicly reconfirmed his commitment to Iran’s right to nuclear program.

Even as the US administration shifts its policy on Iran from negotiations to sanctions, Putin said in a statement he has no reason to doubt Iran’s peaceful intentions. Iran’s Russian contracts have proved to serve as powerful bribes. Also, Putin has pointedly dissociated himself from the coming Israeli attack on Iran.

In a newly released poll, Europeans support Obama by a mind-boggling margin of 58% to 84%, while opposing US policies in Iraq and Iran by a similarly gross margin. It follows that Europeans love Obama because they see him undermining American policies so hateful to them.

Israeli police proudly reported on their increased level of cooperation with the Fatah gang: this year alone, Palestinian police arrested and deported 1,232 Israeli citizens who had ventured into West Bank towns.

While Jews are absolutely banned from Palestinian-occupied areas, hundreds of thousands of West Bank Arabs stay in Israel.

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