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As we predicted before the elections, Hezbollah won veto power in the Lebanese government. Officially Hezbollah got ten ministers out of thirtyóa face-saving gesture for Lebanon before the Westóbut one minister from the Hariri camp will work for the Hezbollah bloc, allowing it more than one-third of the number of ministers, which qualifies Hezbollah for veto power.

With or without Hezbollah, Hariri’s government is deadlocked and dysfunctional.

An Israeli Arab in Ramat Gan killed his Jewish former employer over a $110 wage dispute.

The government still criminalizes Avodah Ivrit, the movement to encourage Jews not to hire Arab workers.

The IDF’s Military police are investigating the Palestinian claim that soldiers killed two Abd Rabbo children, two and seven years old, at point-blank range while they were waving white flags.

Even if true, the allegations lack significance because there is a clear commandment to kill entire towns whose population violently oppose Jews in the Promised Land.

Admission of guilt in such cases would allow the Arabs and their supporters a point to rally around. They use the very fact of the investigation to show that IDF admits to having committed major atrocities. In the Arab mentality, you only investigate an atrocity when you cannot hide it, and it is a tip of an iceberg.

The IDF is investigating Palestinian allegations to preclude international criminal investigations that might be undertaken were we to refuse to investigate the incidents.

US Defense Secretary Gates called on Arab countries to cling to America closely and arm themselves against Iranówith American weapons, of course.

Now, that is odd. If the Iranian threat is credible, why not allow Israel bomb the ayatollahs? If Iran is years away from a nuclear bomb and possibly is not after it at all, as Gates has asserted before, why the arms race?

The government has expressed a willingness to extend the six-month moratorium on settlement construction if the Arabs reciprocate with confidence-building gestures.

So, a show of Fatah police going after Hamas or Saudis opening their airspace to El Al would suffice to strangle Jewish families in the settlements forever, as no construction will be allowed here.

Responding to reports of a MiG-31E sale to Syria, the Russians asserted the jets would only be intended for intelligence gathering, and would lack offensive capabilities.

Syria does not need aircraft for intelligence purposes: it cannot overfly Israel or the US-controlled Iraq.

Rather, the non-offensive version of the MiG31-E is used for intercepting cruise missiles. Money for the jets comes from Iran, which is probably the end user of the MiGs.

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