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The Israeli Foreign Ministry protested to the Norwegian Ambassador over Norway’s divestment from Elbit, an Israeli company which supplies surveillance equipment for the separation barrier. Israeli anger is misplaced, because Norway routinely divests from less-than-blameless companies.

Since the Israeli government has agreed in principle to cede Judea and Samaria to a Palestinian state, it is only natural that other countries view our continued hold on the West Bank as an occupation, and the separation wall as an encroachment on Palestinian areas.

A report by the Russian newspaper Kommersant confirms that Russia’s government has signed a contract with Syria for MiG-31E fighter jets in 2007, but has no plans to deliver them.

The lack of payment, which was to come from Iran, is not the only reason for stalling the deal. Clearly, Russia can go only so far in confronting American interests in the Middle East, and avoids supplying advanced jets to the  Syrian-Iranian coalition. Another reason for hesitation is that Russian officials do not want the US Treasury to go after their foreign bank accounts.

Even with a few dozen advanced jets, the Syrian Air Force would remain negligible compared to IAF.

Petah Tikva Court sentenced police officer Shahar Mizrahi to jail for shooting an Arab car thief, who subsequently died.

The court did not tell the police how they are supposed to stop Arab thieves who refuse to obey their orders.

The cost of car insurance in Israel has gone through the roof because Arabs steal cars from Jews by the thousands and drive them unrestricted in the West Bank.

The Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office revealed that a plan to bring natural gas to Haifa, which would have reduced emissions and decreased costs, was canceled because the pipe had to traverse Druze land, and those loyal Arabs routinely shoot at Jewish construction workers.

The FBI has arrested French arms dealer Jacques Monsieur for planning to sell Iran engines for… F-5 fighter jets. Those forty-year-old planes are not good enough even for flying tourists.

Israel has been selling modern weapons to the ayatollahs since 1981. The assumption is that they can procure weapons elsewhere, so why not at least make a profit?

September 2009
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