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Arab teachers reacted to the Education Ministry’s plan to omit references to Naqba by threatening civil disobedience—more than a labor strike.

Since Israeli Arabs as a group are tax-negative, Jews pay the salaries of the Arab teachers who teach Arab children how the evil Jews robbed them of their land.

Egypt intercepted a significant shipment of explosives at Rafah, ready to be smuggled into Gaza. Once Obama makes Netanyahu open the border crossings, Hamas will find it even easier to transport weapons.

On other hand, if Israel stocks its weapons arsenals, why should the Palestinians not do the same?

Obama will soon meet Ahmadinejad face to face during the UN General Assembly meeting. Both leaders will give speeches.

Obama may embrace Ahmadinejad as he embraced Chavez, or meet him coldly as he met Netanyahu.

In preparation for the meeting, the Iranians again offered negotiations over their nuclear program, though they are not prepared to scale it down.

Obama previously set a September deadline for Iran to agree to negotiations. Iran has formally agreed, and now it enjoys the second deadline: time to make some progress before January.

The Palestinian Minister of Prisoners Affairs blamed Israel for the “insufficient” health care provided to Arab terrorist inmates, which allegedly resulted the cancer deaths of twenty-five of them (out of 11,000).

In fact, hygienic conditions in Israeli jails are better than in stench-ridden Muqata, Arafat’s presidential bunker. Palestinians dump untreated waste into the West Bank rivers and into the Mediterranean.

The Arab murderers enjoy free medical care on the account of the very taxpayers they attempted to murder.

As Hezbollah became embroiled in the Lebanese political process, the group became substantially more moderate. The 2006 abduction of Israeli soldiers—which led to the war—was pushed through by Iran over Nasrallah’s strenuous objections.

Dissatisfied with Hezbollah’s moderation, some of its members are developing their own plans of attack. They will eventually split the way Hezbollah split from Amal.

Certainly it was one of these splinter groups, rather than Hezbollah’s central command, which attempted the assassination of Israel’s Chief of Staff. A centrist Israeli government went to war over two soldiers, and a right-wing government would have no choice but to attack Lebanon over the death of the Israeli Chief of Staff. If Hezbollah had wanted such a major confrontation, it would have carried out a much more professional operation than just inciting a few hapless Israeli Arabs.

The Arab Israeli Balad party, from whose illegal camp Hezbollah recruited the would-be assassins, vowed to continue its anti-Israeli incitement.

The Israeli FM will visit several African capitals. Lieberman achieved nothing in Russia, and has failed with every European leader he has met. The Egyptian president does not want to see him, and Netanyahu will not allow Lieberman to negotiate with the Americans.

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