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Scores of sleazy politicos descended on the Polish city of Lodz to mark the 65th anniversary of the annihilation of its Jewish ghetto. Rich, well-fed, and completely divorced from Jewishness, they could not make more of a contrast with the dead Jews of Lodz. Traitors like Peres, assimilators like the heads of the German Jewish communities, and Russian and Ukrainian Jewish officials with long criminal records came to partake of the martyrs’ glory.

Dan Meridor got the Intelligence Ministry sinecure in Netanyahu’s government,a post specially invented to accommodate his lust for power.

Speaking to Der Spiegel, Meridor rejected a return to the 1967 borders. What great courage! In fact, the Israeli government humbly asks for border rectification in the range of merely 3% of the 1949 armistice line.

Meridor also claimed that the Knesset has reached a consensus on united Jerusalem—only to offer to start negotiation on Jerusalem with our Palestinian enemies. For the Israeli establishment, “united Jerusalem” means just the Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall—and the Arabs take the Temple Mount.

Israeli officials criticized Palestinian PM Fayad for unveiling a plan to create a de facto Palestinian state.

The only bad thing about the plan is that it’s not going to materialize, because Palestinians are incapable of running an economically viable state. A de facto Palestinian statehood would downgrade the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into a border quarrel about insignificant territory. It is unlikely that the UN would recognize the Palestinian borders, as the Arabs have drawn them over Israeli objections, and Israel will be able to manage de facto annexation of the settlement blocs.

Four Jews were arrested after the Free Gilad Shalit movement blocked roads to several Israeli prisons to prevent Palestinians from visiting their jailed relatives—many  of whom are Hamas members—while Hamas refuses to allow the Red Cross to visit Shalit.

Realistically, Hamas cannot allow such visits for fear of disclosing Shalit’s location.

Netanyahu’s government did not worsen the terrorist prisoners’ conditions as it had promised to do.

Israeli media went berserk over cellphone videos of Hamas executing Islamic radicals during their assault on the Jund Ansar Allah mosque. In the video, Islamists are pressed against the wall and shot in scores.

Israel provides captured Islamists with resort-like jails, including satellite TV and pocket money.

The son of Libyan autocrat Mummar Qaddafi discussed the freeing of the Lockerbie bomber with British Jews Nathan Rothschild and Business Secretary Mandelson. The two allegedly lobbied the Scottish government for the release.

The IAEA leaked the information that Iran has stopped adding new centrifuges since May. The conventional explanation that Iran ran out of uranium is mistaken—Iran received a large shipment of uranium from North Korea in the spring.

The only logical reason is that Iran now has enough uranium for a few nuclear bombs and can afford a show of deference toward the IAEA by not building new centrifuges.

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