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Hamas has barred girls without headscarves from Gaza schools. Faced with scores of ultra-observant Islamist organizations, Hamas has to adopt some Islamist features, too. Earlier, it banned female lawyers in Western dress from Islamic courts.

Gaza schools are financed by UNRWA, which remains silent as the Islamist dress code is forced upon pupils.

But Hamas is not wrong. If France can ban Islamic head dress from public schools as incompatible with local culture, Hamas may require them as a sign of that very culture.

Three Arabs of East Jerusalem were arrested after police discovered pipe bombs in their car in a routine check on the Tunnel Road.

Mortar shells from Gaza reached all the way to near Ashkelon. One Jew was wounded.

Most people concentrate on the number of dead, but thanks to Israeli medicine the dead are less than 5% of the number of wounded. More than 50,000 Israelis suffer permanent disabilities as a result of attacks from our Egyptian and Palestinian peace-partners.

After reports of a whopping rise in the Israeli real estate market, Bank of Israel increased the rate by 0.25%. That is far from sufficient to end the boom, but driving the rate back to normal would worsen economic statistics, which the government is loathe to do.

It took Rishon LeTzion police 1 hours to chase down a 16-year-old driving an ATV on the town’s streets.

Before leaving for Europe, Netanyahu vowed to accept no pressure on the limits of Jewish sovereignty in East Jerusalem. So how come Jerusalem municipality did not approve construction in Ras al Amud, and refrains from carrying out the court-ordered eviction of Arabs in Silwan archeological park?

Bibi also promised to defend “normal life” in the settlements. Buthow can life be normal there when he has closed all new construction there since he entered office?

Kav Laoved, an ultra-left organization that supports foreign workers in Israel, provided information for an indictment of Katif Venture’s administrative personnel.

The indictment accuses Jewish farmers of exploiting Thai laborers as slaves. It remains to be explained though, how the Thais worked allegedly for 20 hours a day every day. The indictment also charges Jews with endangering the Thais’ lives with agricultural chemicals, despite the fact that their Kfar Maimon farm grows pesticide-free vegetables. The Thais were paid slightly below the minimum wage, but were provided with food and housing.

The indictment states that the biggest threat the Jews used against their “slaves” was termination of their jobs. If the “slavery” was so unbearable, why did the Thais not simply leave and return to their homeland?

Leftists demand resort-like working conditions even for illegal African immigrants.

Hashomer Hahadash group held its first press conference. Counting reportedly 300 volunteers (we estimate about 150), the group intends to ward off the Bedouin robbers who make the life of Jewish farmers in Galilee unbearable.

Bedouins routinely steal cattle from Jews, rob their farms, squat on their fields, and shoot at them. Many Jewish farmers left Galilee because Israeli police failed to protect them from Bedouins.

And this is not the West Bank.

As we expected, right-wing members of the Judicial Selection Committee failed to bring their chosen judges to the Supreme Court.

The Court’s ultra-left president had the committee approve Judge Fogelman, her close accomplice. The right-wingers lost their only candidature, Judge Noam Sohlberg of Jerusalem Court.

The other two new Supreme Court judges, moderates Yitzhak Amit and Neal Hendel, are not strong enough to hold out against the court’s ultra-leftists.

August 2009
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