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In his speech to Muslims on the occasion of Ramadan, Obama promised them American commitment to carving a twenty-second Arab state out of Israel under the euphemism of a “two-state solution.”

Obama also promised withdrawal from Iraq—which, according to his electoral promises, should be already done. Amid surging terrorism and crumbling security, America’s withdrawal from Iraq would not be dissimilar to their withdrawal from Vietnam.

Obama pledged to fight “extremism” in Pakistan and Afghanistan—i.e., the honest Muslims there who don’t want Western political culture. So far, the Islamists have the upper hand.

According to prominent Hamas MP al Masri, Olmert’s government reached an agreement with Hamas on the 1,400:1 prisoner exchange, but the Bush Administration torpedoed the deal at Abbas’ request. Abbas feared correctly that obtaining the release of 1,400 terrorists would boost Hamas’ popularity and confirm the public’s preference for Hamas’ terrorism, as opposed to Fatah’s collaboration with Israel.

Jerusalem municipality refused to approve the private construction of 104 apartments in Ras al Amud, East Jerusalem, ostensibly because it does not comply with the city’s “construction policy.”

With all the rampant Arab illegal construction in Ras as Amud, it is hard to believe there is any construction policy there, except for keeping the area Judenrein.

According to government statistics, construction started on 342 apartments and housing units in the West Bank in the first quarter of 2009. All of them are being built on the old permits, mostly in towns.

That represents less than 0.2% of the existing construction, ten times below the natural growth.

Quite a right-wing government we have here.

The army ordered Israeli soldiers serving in the West Bank to refrain from eating, drinking, and smoking during daylight hours of the month of Ramadan when Palestinians might see them.

Imagine the outcry if the government had mandated public fasting on Yom Kippur.

Faced with a Muslim insurrection in the Philippines, General Pershing buried the executed terrorists in swine skins.

According to a Yediot Aharonot poll. 44% of Israelis would accept a homosexual PM.

Which is not surprising: after such prime ministers as Rabin, Barak, and Netanyahu, any homosexual would do.

The Israeli FM compared the Swedish government’s refusal to condemn the organ harvesting story to the apology Sweden extended to Pakistan over the Mohammed cartoons.

The cases are different. The cartoons, although protected by freedom of expression, contain negligible information, while the organ-harvesting story is full of information protected under the freedom of speech. For the Swedish government to condemn the story means stifling the debate without investigating its merits.

No less foolishly, Israeli Internal Minister Yishai suspended new visas to all Swedish journalists. A great way indeed to build rapport, and to dispel allegations of collective punishment. The journalists, as Scandinavian citizens, need no visa to enter Israel, and can enter Gaza from Egypt.

An Arab son murdered his father in Galilee’s Tamra village.

Bnei Adam settlers refused the demands of IDF and Rabbi Druckman to evacuate their outpost. They had to leave when the ostensibly ultra-right settler movement Amana stopped supplying them with diesel fuel for their power generator.

August 2009
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