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Saudi Arabia has joined the growing list of Arab countries that have announced their intentions to build peaceful nuclear power plants. Oman, Egypt, Jordan, and most other emirates want these politically correct nukes.

Libya ended its military nuclear program a few years ago, and now pursues the Iranian path of ostensibly peaceful nukes. Egypt is using peaceful nuclear labs to produce weapons-grade uranium.

Peaceful nuclear power plants can be used for harvesting weapons-grade plutonium.

The FM confirms our analysis: Israel has adopted an implicit settlement freeze.

Though Lieberman claims the situation is temporary, construction in the settlements has been substantially frozen since Oslo, when the Civil Administration stopped issuing permits for Jewish construction.

Hundreds of people welcomed Shlomo Benizri at a rally in Jerusalem before he is scheduled to begin serving his jail sentence.

The Israeli establishment laid its hands on Benizri after the Shas MK repeatedly lashed out against homosexuals.

Benizri is sentenced to four years for such trivial offenses as selling technically inside information on the number of foreign worker visas and accepting gifts. His “crimes” took place eleven years ago.

Kenya’s Redeemed Christian Church donated an ambulance to Israel. The gift came under the auspices of the virulently proselytizing International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.

The Trade Ministry launched a massive “Buy Israeli” campaign to promote the sale of local goods.

At the same time, promoting Avodah IvritóJewish-made goodsóremains a punishable offense of racist incitement.

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