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Yesterday, Kadima’s leadership fiercely criticized Netanyahu for sending his ministers to the West bank outposts in a show of solidarity. We did not comment because, obviously, they went on their own.

Today, Netanyahu summoned one of the ministers, Moshe Yaalon, to grill him over his visit to outposts.

Police arrested Eli Pahima just a few days after he murdered two women. Remarkably, police traced a phone call he took while in the victims’ apartment.

Using the triangulation method, police acquire and store information on the location of every cellular phone call placed in Israel. That enables police to know who was at any given location at any time, and also keep track of anyone with a mobile phone.

Various Swedish parties criticized the “outrageous” actions of the Swedish Ambassador to Israel, on which the Foreign Ministry solemnly refused to comment.

The Ambassador called “appalling” an article in the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, which accused IDF of kidnapping Palestinians for the purpose of harvesting their organs. According to critics, the Ambassador offended the newspaper’s freedom of speech.

The US State Dept slammed Israel’s policy of rejecting American visitors to the Palestinian entrance to Israel.

Most visitors are ultra-leftists or accomplices of Arab terrorists.

For some reason, the United States denies entrance to those with Mexican but not American visas. Israel, however, should leave the Palestinian-occupied territories, but must allow visitors to Palestine unhindered access to the Jewish state.

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics revealed that only 4,000 Arabs died in 2007, compared to 35,000 Jews. Proportionally, the Arab death toll should be about 9,000.

The reason is simple: the Jewish population is much older than the Arab. A lot of middle-aged and elderly Jews—who don’t bear children—arrived from Russia. The aliyah temporarily increased the ratio of Jews in Israel, but among young Israelis Arabs constitute 34%.

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