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In its five months in office, Netanyahu’s government has not approved a single building in the West Bank’s Jewish towns.

Typically, the Israeli government cares more about appearances than substance. While officially taking a proud, high stand against Obama’s demands, Netanyahu has folded under American pressure from day one.

According to a Chakima poll, two-thirds of haredi women have expressed interest in obtaining university degrees, compared to just over 40 percent of males.

Haredi men are often engaged in the black-market economy and do basic jobs, mostly trading. Women practically lack employment opportunities in haredi communities, and see education as the only way out of their Kinder, Küche, Kirche environment.

Two leftist candidates are vying for the Supreme Court appointment.

Sefi Elon is the son of former Deputy Supreme Court President Menahem Elon.
Uzi Fogelman rejected an investigative reporter’s petition against Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch, who will now vote for his candidacy.

Obama pointedly expressed optimism about the Israeli-Palestinian peace process moving “in the right direction.”

Abbas, however, has refused to conduct any peace talks with Israel until Netanyahu honors Olmert’s promises to the terrorists.

During the secret Oslo negotiations, Peres was similarly upbeat in his public statements, despite the failure of the concurrent Washington talks.

The moderate Palestinian chairman met with Sudanese president Omar Bashir, who has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for the Darfur genocide.

Never mind that; the leftist supporters of Darfur remain equally supportive of Abbas.

Abu Mazen requested Sudanese assistance in reconciling with Hamas. This confirms Sudan’s pivotal role in transiting weapons from Iran to Gaza.

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