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Although he refused to listen to the  NGOs’ allegations, the IDF’s Attorney General ordered criminal investigations into fourteen cases of Jewish misconduct in Gaza.

Outrageously, some of the cases concern the use of Palestinians as live shields. The AG would prefer Jewish soldiers to risk their own lives rather than the Palestinians’. Moreover, live Palestinian shields aren’t really in any danger because Hamas never shoots at them.

The Israeli government issued a demarche against the British Embassy after a spokesman for the UK’s government announced that his country finances anti-settlement activities in Israel. Britain finances pro-settlement activities, too—pro-Palestinian settlement that is, including illegal Palestinian construction in East Jerusalem.

This is not news. Everyone knows that Britain and the EU finance Arabs and Jewish ultra-leftists in Israel. But the Israeli government is concerned about its image rather than the facts, and only protested after the aid was publicly announced.

A similar attitude pervades Israel’s negotiations with the Palestinians. Ever since Oslo, Israeli negotiators have secretly offered the Arabs much more than they tell the Jewish public. While publicly refusing to make concessions on Jerusalem, Netanyahu’s government prepared a secret memorandum with James Jones on bringing multinational forces onto the Temple Mount—thus surrendering it to the UN.

Netanyahu bravely defied American pressure to open the crossing by promising Mitchell that he would keep them shut until Shalit is released. That is, until Israel releases 1,400 terrorist murderers in exchange for a corporal from a well-connected leftist family.

At the same time, Netanyahu made an exception for humanitarian cargo, which can mean almost anything.

It has been six weeks since the elections, and still Lebanon cannot form a new government. Hezbollah is being offered fifteen ministerial portfolios for its bloc members, but demands one more portfolio for a formally independent candidate. Sixteen ministers would give Hezbollah the veto power it had in the previous government.

Arabs are so good in science, apparently, that they constitute 16 percent of new employees in the Ministry of Science.

The surge is attributable to Majadle, an Arab Minister of Israeli Science who lacks even a high school diploma.

Israeli media are waging a war against the Internal Ministry for contemplating the deportation of the children of illegal immigrants.

Some of the immigrants in question are Africans, but many others are foreign workers who tried to stay in Israel by having babies here. The stupid Israeli state provides them with free health insurance and education, so they have every incentive to stay after their work visas expire.

In a rare feat of normalcy, the High Court rejected the NGO’s petition to stop the deportation of pregnant foreign workers.

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