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The Israeli government allowed “hundreds of tons” of cement into Gaza. Cement was banned before because Hamas uses it to build bunkers and rebuild civilian houses, thus nullifying the effects of Israeli bombardment.

The cement will be used ostensibly by UNRWA, but its institutions in Gaza are permeated by Hamas members. Since Hamas is the only force on the ground, UNRWA and other charities have to cooperate with the terrorists.

While Israel gets all the blame for the blockade, Egypt also blocks cement deliveries to Gaza through Rafah Crossing—both as a matter of cooperation with Israel and out of hatred of Hamas’ Islamic fundamentalists.

The High Court heard the petition by leftists to allow black illegals to live anywhere in Israel. The Interior Ministry is defending its policy of allowing the Africans to live in the far north and south only.

The ministry’s policing does not work anyway, as most illegals reside in Tel Aviv.

The government lacks the guts to deport the illegals to UNRWA camps in Gaza, which must deal with the refugees.

Jawdat Najjar, an Arab from Gaza, beat his daughter to death with an iron chain after he caught her talking to a man on her cellular phone. The twenty-seven-year-old divorced woman already had five children.

But of course they would live with Jews in peace and tranquility.

Limor Goldstein received 3.25 million shekels from the state for suffering brain-damage from a rubber bullet.

His story cannot be true. Obviously, he was brain-damaged before the shooting incident, for only a brain-damaged Jew would demonstrate with our Arab enemies against the security barrier near Bilin.

The soldier who shot Limor won’t be promoted for cleansing our country.

Israeli media, even those with a leftist slant, continue to lash out against Breaking the Silence for publishing a report which details the IDF’s misdeeds in Gaza.

The report details common wartime violations of mores. IDF soldiers indeed sometimes damaged Palestinian property for no military reason, endangered Arab civilians, and shot at everything that moved. Such things weren’t widespread, but they did happen, as they always happen in any war. Soldiers hate their enemies and cannot fight in white gloves.

Instead of admitting these simple truths and disregarding the report, the Israeli media damages its own credibility in order to preserve the silly image they have created for the IDF as a suicidally moral army.

Netanyahu’s government has approved a monthly transfer of 104 million shekels to Gaza. The money pays the salaries of Gaza officials who, incidentally, are loyal to Hamas. In effect, Israel pays them to remain loyal to Hamas rather than become discontent with the terrorist group.

As an opposition leader, Netanyahu lambasted Olmert for much smaller transfers to Gaza.

Military police destroyed a Jewish hut dubbed the ‘Mizpe Avichai outpost’ near Hebron.

An Israeli military court convicted Fouad Shoubaki of financing terrorism. In 2006 IDF rendered Shoubaki, a former associate of Arafat, from a Jericho jail. Palestinians often keep their terrorists nominally in jail to keep them from being arrested by Jews. But if financing terrorism is a crime, how come the Israeli government negotiates peace accords with Abu Ala, Arafat’s former cashier? @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>

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