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After US Defense Secretary Gates makes a stopover in Israel on Monday, a number of other prominent US anti-Israelis will honor us with their visits. Among them are Dennis Ross, James Jones, Mitchell, and a throng of CIA and military personnel.

The variety of visitors shows that they are not coming to fine-tune the political fallout from an Israeli strike on Iran, which clearly would be a secret matter. The presence of military officials, on other hand, has little to do with the purported changes in Obama’s Middle East policy.

We suspect that by now Obama is becoming hysterical, as all his foreign initiatives have failed. Israelis reject his demands to halt settlement construction, and the Arabs refuse to make any  of the gestures toward Israel that Obama asked them for.

The Hussein is stalled in his pressure on Israel. By now he probably understands that Rahm Emanuel’s advice to pressure Israel was misguided, but he knows of no alternative. His recent anti-Semitic suggestion to Jewish prominents that they “engage in self-reflection” suggests that his ultra-left anti-Israeli views still hold, but he is less eager to push Israel directly, and will leave the matter to Jewish leftists.

The coming week’s pilgrimage of American officials to Jerusalem is not a sign of Obama’s new policy, but rather of his complete indecisiveness—he is fishing for a solution.

Now that the prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace have faded away, Obama’s associates are probing the Syrian track. Unlike Palestine, Syria has a strong and stable government which could implement an agreement with Israel. Unlike the fuzzy Palestinian issues, Syrian demands are straightforward—the return of biblical Bashan, which they call the Golan Heights.

We expect Obama to press Israel to commit to ceding the Golan Heights to Syria.

Bedouins waved PLO flags and threw a few stones and shoes at Marzel’s demonstrators.

The Jewish National Front marched in Rahat to draw the authorities’ attention to the massive illegal construction by Bedouins in Negev. While the High Court goes after every Jewish outpost, thousands of illegal Bedouin buildings are ignored.

Squatted on by Bedouins, the Negev has increasingly become as dangerous to Jews as Arab-populated Galilee.

Several people got arrested after a scuffle on a Jewish construction site in East Jerusalem. Palestinians protested and tried to block what they see as a takeover of their buildings by Jews.

Jews, on other hand, watch passively as Arabs take over our entire districts in Jaffa, Acre, and Lod.

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