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Jordan revoked thousands of passports issued to Palestinians who settled there after 1948. Jordan’s core Bedouin tribes are threatened by the Palestinian majority, which is striving to achieve dominance by democratic means. Jordan, accordingly, has no qualms about refusing to grant its Palestinians basic political rights.

Jordan periodically strips some thousands of Palestinians of citizenship. The largest such revocation affected hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the West Bank.

But Israel is afraid to strip her Palestinians of their citizenship.

As their anti-Semitism tramples their sense of a common Islamic threat, Christian countries tend to prefer Muslim to Jewish control of Jerusalem.
The US State Department officially confirmed its issue of a demarche to the Israeli ambassador over a minor private project in East Jerusalem.
Russia and France called on Israel to halt the construction. We might suggest they cease their occupation of the Kuril Islands and Corsica first.
Germany called the Israeli construction in Jerusalem “a political suicide.” That option is much preferable to the ideological suicide of abandoning Jerusalem.

Testifying to its Zionist ideals and the idiocy of its commanders, the IDF is searching for the Yitzhar settlers who cut down a dozen Palestinian trees near the Arab village of Burin in Samaria. The Jews were retaliating for continual infringements on their property by Arabs.

The Torah law indeed prohibits cutting down an enemy’s treesóbut only because the besieging Jews must eventually slaughter the adult male population and take over their farms.

The Christians United for Israel is bringing thousands of members for a conference in Washington to oppose Obama’s pushing the Jewish state for capitulation.

Reform Jewish leaders criticize CUFI for taking an overly Zionist position.

Authorities in Romania cracked down on the Sabus hospital in Bucharest, where Israeli mothers received egg implants from Gypsies and other Romanians. Their children were counted as Jews.

The crackdown has more to do with Romanian anti-Semitism than legal issues. Recently, the mayor of Constanza paraded in a Nazi uniform.

The Israeli Land Fund, a Zionist organization that buys lands in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, offers land plots in Jordan for sale. The lands were purchased by Jews in the Mandate era, and Jordan confiscated them in 1948. The Jewish National Fund also owns tens of thousands of acres in Jordan, but the government does not want to press the matter.

Jordan rejected the JLF campaign, and vowed not to respect titles issued to Jews. Like every other Arab country, Jordan only sells land to Arabs.

But Israel sells her land to her Arab enemies.

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