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Responding to American criticism of an Israeli housing project in East Jerusalem, the Israeli PM emphasized that Obama had crossed the line. The Americans indeed have no clue that the project in question is located just across the street from Hebrew University and various government offices.

The high-level defense for the housing projects is due to the fact that it is owned by Irwin Moscowitz, a rather rich Jew. Many similar development projects in Arab areas conducted by people less close to Likud have been frozen.

Netanyahu emphasized that Jerusalem must remain united and that both Jews and Arabs should be able to build apartments anywhere in it. Bibi’s position is hypocritical, as the government works hard to prevent Saudi-funded development projects in the city. The only way for Israel to incorporate East Jerusalem Arab neighborhoods would be to surrender them to the UN, along with the Old City. No other option would be acceptable to the Arabs.

Bibi’s rhetoric on united Jerusalem is unsupportable. Even since Rabin the traitor’s pre-Oslo negotiations with the PLO, the Arabs have categorically demanded East Jerusalem. A right-wing Likud government is more likely to divide the city than leftist Kadima: every major capitulation in history (Sinai, Gaza) was signed by a right-wing government. This is easy to comprehend: the leftist opposition supports the right-wing government’s “peace” moves, but a right-wing opposition blocks a leftist government’s peace negotiations.

Israeli Army Radio broadcast an interview with Palestinian negotiator Erekat, who accused the Israeli PM of undermining the peace process with an insignificant East Jerusalem housing project.

Army Radio brainwashes the troops into supporting a peacenik agenda.

Along with all other Israeli media, Army Radio boycotted Meir Kahane and continues to ignore the Israeli right-wing camp.

The Fayad government has announced a plan to invest “tens of millions of dollars” in East Jerusalem.

The plan is unlikely to materialize, as the Palestinians normally steal the funds before the investment stage.

The Palestinian Authority does not allow Jews, let alone the Israeli government, to own any property in the West Bank.

The US Defense Secretary is heading for Israel. The fact that it will be a mere six-hour visit suggests that there will be no real talks on the Iranian threat, but rather that this is just another attempt to reassure Israel that the Kenyan president is working adequately against the world’s greatest threat.

The IDF is considering removing about 100 dirt roadblocks which block Palestinian access to Israeli West Bank roads. It is not easy to see why our enemies are entitled to use Israeli-built roads which service Israeli villages.

Palestinian drivers are a mortal threat to everyone, and there are terrorists to boot.

Gadi Shamni, the IDF commander in the West Bank, is expected to approve the removal. Shamni hates the settlers and oversaw the deployment of Palestinian forces in the West bank. He is very close to the PLO security people.

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