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The US Court of Appeals in Washington upheld a decision that allows the State Department to refuse to list Israel as the country of birth for Jewish American citizens born in Jerusalem—who are all born in West Jerusalem.

The State Department claims that it wants to avoid prejudging Israeli-Palestinian negotiations on Jerusalem. The diplomats exhibit no similar concern for any other torn regions anywhere in the world.

The State Department’s attitude toward Jews has not changed since World War II, when it stalled even Roosevelt’s meager efforts at saving the Jews.

In response to a petition by the ultra-left outfit known as There Is a Limit, the Attorney General is investigating the Settlement Authority for selling private Palestinian land in Ofra to Jewish settlers.

Palestinians generally hold no titles, and their private ownership is a matter of testimony. Naturally, all land here was Arab-owned sixty years ago, and every parcel settled by Jews can be traced to an Arab. A similar situation did not prevent the United States from being established on the Native Indians’ land.

The police never investigate or prosecute Palestinians who squat on private Jewish land, though there are a multitude of such cases.

Villagers of the Lebanese village Bir e-Salasel pelted UNIFIL troops with stones as they tried to inspect a Hezbollah weapons cache, which exploded last week.

UNIFIL troops are generally very close to Arabs and even help them to search for Israeli spies.

The US State Department summoned the Israeli Ambassador over a private Jewish development project in East Jerusalem on the former site of Shepherd’s Hotel.

Jews can build even in the United Arab Emirates, but not in the territories, which might fall into Palestinian hands. At the same time, Arabs—including foreign ones—invest heavily in Israeli real estate.

A diplomatic demarche over a private development project is totally outrageous, especially from a supposedly friendly state.

The Border Police triumphantly reported on a raid which led to the arrest of 178 Arab illegals. Hundreds of thousands of them still remain in Israel, and are hired by unscrupulous Jews.

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