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The mother who starved her child was released to house arrest in order to pacify the crowds.

The politically fearful security establishment always gives way in the face of mass protests by Arabs or haredim. An atheist or religious Zionist mother would have been punished severely for similar behavior.

In a Washington Post op-ed, Olmert criticized Obama’s focus on the settlements as leading nowhere and achieving nothing.

The former PM confirmed a long-standing rumor that he offered the Palestinians practically the entire West Bank, all Arab-populated parts of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, and admittance for some number of refugees.

At the time, Olmert thought he was playing a PR trick with Abbas (who predictably refused the offer as he does not want formal independence, but rather to remain the focus of the world’s attention). Olmert’s offer, however, set a new benchmark for Israeli concessions, and subsequent governments would find it impossible to retract it.

A dozen Lebanese civilians, including some children, crossed into Israel waving Hezbollah flags before retreating a few minutes later. IDF chose not to interfere.

The Israeli security establishment is less polite about Jewish children. They are routinely thrown out of their homes during outpost demolitions and arrested for praying on the Temple Mount.

The Federal Cross of Merit was awarded to Felicia Langer, an ultra-leftist Israeli who compares her country to South Africa under apartheid, and praises Ahmadinejad.

After decades of suppression, anti-Semitism is again on the rise in Germany, where polls indicate a quarter of the population holds strongly anti-Semitic views.

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