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US Defense Secretary Gates, a renowned dove when it comes to Iran, called it “the greatest threat to global security.”

Gates’ move follows American acquiescence to the Israeli Navy’s threatening maneuvers in the Red Sea.

It might be that Obama wants a showcase attack on Iran to win some approval after his failures on the domestic economy, Iraq, Afghanistan, and especially North Korea, which is far more a global security threat than Iran.

Rafsanjani called on the Iranian government to release pro-Mousawi political detainees in order to stop “Iran’s real enemies” from criticizing the ayatollahs.

Rafsanjani, the highest figure in Iran and a touted moderate, is as anti-Western as any ayatollah.

Bibi is working with Likud MKs to stop a bill which would worsen prison conditions for Palestinian prisoners to a sensible level. Currently, Israel even gives Hamas prisoners pocket money.

Netanyahu is reportedly concerned with Israel’s image after the crackdown. The PM has not noticed that the foreign perception of Jews has been low for the last 2,000 years, anyway.

The Jerusalem Post published a donor’s list for Breaking the Silence, an ultra-left organization which publishes reports on the IDF’s alleged barbarity toward the poor Palestinian terrorists.

Breaking the Silence’s major donors include the British and Dutch embassies and the EU. Financing of local political organizations is a major breach of diplomatic protocol, and a common reason for expelling diplomats as personae non grata.

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