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Hundreds of members of the fringe anti-Zionist sect attacked police with stones and set garbage bins on fire after police arrested one of their fellow sectarians.

The arrested woman, who is five months pregnant, suffered from a severe psychiatric disorder and abused her child as a result. Instead of peacefully resolving the matter with community leaders, the police acted like leftists and charged the woman with child abuse that she did not comprehend she had committed.

The authoritative Stern magazine quoted German intelligence officials who concur with the Israeli Military Intelligence estimate that it would take less than six months for Iran to produce a nuclear bomb once the political decision is made.

Again, the Palestinian leader has proven himself more normal than the Israelis. Abbas shut down Al Jazeera’s office in Ramallah after the station aired a report implying his involvement in Arafat’s death.

After being banned in the Palestinian-occupied territories, Al Jazeera will continue operating from Israel, whose leaders lack the guts to shut down the terrorist mouthpiece.

The court has acquitted Shai Dromi, who shot an Arab intruder after the Arabs repeatedly robbed his farm.

Recently, the Knesset approved a “Dromi law,” which shifts the burden of proof onto the state when there are dead intruders, thus basically allowing Jews to shoot Arab robbers.

It was a routine incident, not worth notice. It is, however, a case of an unprovoked Arab attack on the Jewish state. The troops stayed inside Israel.

The Palestinians say they attack the troops because Israel blockades Gaza, but every state is entitled to refuse transit into another state. Israel does not blockade Gaza, but merely refuses transit.

Egypt likewise blocks the Rafah Crossing, but the Palestinians do not attack Egypt because the Egyptians won’t be bound by “human rights” considerations in conducting reprisals.

Ibrahim Sarsur, Israeli MK and head the of Islamic Movement, reiterated that Jews have no right to “a single inch” of the Temple Mount, not even to “the sky above it.”

A Jew would be banned from the Knesset for such an incendiary racist remark, but the Attorney General will not consider prosecuting Ibrahim.

It takes Jewish madness to allow open Jew-haters in the Knesset.

La Scala will perform Requiem to mark Tel Aviv’s 100th birthday.

The open-air performance is free, so that the largest number of Jews can attend the mourning.

The performance will be conducted by former Jew Daniel Barenboim, a proud holder of a Palestinian passport.

Taxpayers will foot the bill for the outrageous ceremony.

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