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Obama’s speech to leaders of major Jewish organizations amounted to apologizing for pushing Israel too hard. Obama blamed the media for creating this “misconception” and ignoring the demands he made on the Arabs. Still, he denounced the “very, very close relations” between the United States and Israel “during the past eight years” as counterproductive.

The Arabs will see Obama’s words as a betrayal. They have gotten the impression that he has sided with them, and that unlike previous presidents, he is prepared to take on Israel. Any demands on Arabs, however reasonable, will now be seen as evidence of Obama’s inability to push Israel to make concessions.

There is a possibility that things will turn in Israel’s favor as Palestinians come to loggerheads with Obama over the peace process and the other Arabs become frustrated with his inaction in the face of the Iranian threat.

The Israeli Immigration Service arrested Micky Louis Mayon, a top KKK member and one of America’s most wanted criminals. At home, Mayon is charged with racial assaults.

Instead of extraditing him, Israel should give Mayon a job in Eilat municipality, which is pleading with the government for relief from the swarms of African illegals. The government uses Eilat as a dumping ground for blacks, greatly hampering the town’s attractiveness to tourists. Eight months ago, police banned the illegals from Eilat; it is a testimony to Jewish madness that illegals are banned from a part of the country rather than deported to their jungles. The Supreme Court has suspended the police ban until it can “investigate the matter,” which investigation still goes on.

So, Micky Mayon is deported while the African migrants stay.

It took a court three years to convict David Edri, one of the policemen involved in the Amona clashes. Edri, a mounted policeman, charged at protester Yehuda Etzion and trampled him, causing Yehuda to suffer serious injuries.

Israel’s Chief Rabbi has asked the Jordanian princeling Abdullah to allow Israeli tourists to carry religious articles into his petty kingdom. Jordan orders Israelis to leave their tzitzit and tfillin behind, ostensibly so as not to reveal their Jewishness to terrorists. Which is nonsense: Jews sporting peyot, wearing kipot and speaking Hebrew, are easily identified regardless of what religious items they might carry. Rather, Abdullah bans Jewish artifacts to avoid offending his subjects’ sensibilities.

Jordan has been at peace with Israel for over decade. When Jordan occupied Jerusalem before 1967, it banned Jews from visiting our holy places and razed all the synagogues in the city. When the Israeli government took over the city, it continued the ban on Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount and refused requests to rebuild synagogues in what became the Arab quarters.

Rabbi Dov Lior of Hebron has issued a halachic permission to use mobile phones on Shabbat to report the movement of troops. The troops in question are the IDF, seeking to destroy outposts.

Shabbat may be generally violated only in the face of enemy attack, and Rabbi Lior has thus declared IDF an enemy army—which, from the settlers’ perspective, it really is.

The halachic prohibition on using mobile phones is very weak. They are banned as a “non-Shabbat activity,” rather than as one of the types of prohibited labor.

Among the Jewish houses the Supreme Court wants demolished is Roie Klein’s house in the village of Eli.

Roie died during the Second Lebanon war. He jumped on a Hezbollah grenade to save his fellow soldiers.

Roie’s family, like many families in the area, lacks some of the necessary permits for its house in Eli, a legally built Jewish village in Samaria.

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