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The EU’s foreign policy chief suggested in a lecture that the UN Security Council should recognize Palestine despite the absence of an agreement on borders with Israel.

Solana’s suggestion would actually benefit Israel greatly. Once Palestine is established, the rest of the world will lose much of its interest in the backwater state, and its borders will be established de facto, reflecting the power balance.

Many countries, including most of Europe and Latin America, recognize Palestinian passports—and thus its independence—anyway. Retaliating against a sovereign state is also easier than attacking an “occupied territory.”

Solana can afford heated rhetoric, as he will leave his office soon.

The Palestinians understand that much, and refuse to accept independence without an agreement on borders.

After Netanyahu offered to meet the PLO chief in Beersheba for unconditional talks, Abbas refused—unless Netanyahu recognizes the need for a two-state solution.

The Palestinians are playing with Israel the game we used to play with Arafat before, asking him repeatedly to renounce violence. After Arafat’s every statement to that effect, Israel asked for further clarification. Now Abbas wants a declaration from Netanyahu even though he has already issued such a statement.

The last thing Abbas wants is an independent state, which would be taken over by Hamas.

In an attempt to make Olmert and his long-time secretary testify against each other, police revealed that Shula Zaken had been listening to her boss’s phone conversations for years, and might be indicted for “wiretapping.”

Go indict every secretary for that very same offense.

Where Hussein Obama failed against the Israeli government, the ultra-left Supreme Court has stepped in. The anti-Semitic court gave the state (in its rulings, the court distinguishes itself from the Zionist state) four months to provide the judges with a firm schedule for the settlers’ removal from the outposts.

Zionist values and dreams of settling the Promised Land are apparently nothing compared to the human rights of the Arabs, who don’t even own the land on which the outposts are built. In any normal country, the Arabs’ case against the settlers would be dismissed, but the Israeli courts defend the Arab rights, which are not even being infringed upon.

The Haifa court convicted four good policemen who attempted to blow up local mafia boss Michael Mor.

Israeli courts have repeatedly acquitted Mor, who repeatedly threatened police officers and ordered hits on them.

But of course the officers must remain clean as Snow White.

Police in Judea and Samaria issued a warning to Samaria’s Regional Council to demolish unauthorized structures on its territory.

Meaning, of course, Jewish structures. No one cares aboput the tens of thousands of housing units the Arabs have built illegally.

The International Federation of Journalists has expelled its Israeli members, ostensibly over a back-dues row, but in fact over a series of conflicts fueled by Israeli actions against Palestinians and pro-PLO journalists.

Israeli journalists are commonly thought to be the most anti-Jewish part of our society, but see—some journalists in the world are even more anti-Semitic than they.

In contravention to the Torah, the Knesset approved a streamlined procedure for land privatization. Previously, Israeli land could only be leased for forty-nine years.

Now the Arabs, who enjoy extensive Saudi financing, can switch from buying properties to buying land. Arabs commonly pay well above the market value of properties, and there is no shortage of unscrupulous Jews willing to sell them the land.

The government has misrepresented the issue as economic, but it is nationalist and religious.

A British court in the city of Leeds sentenced two anti-Semites to years in prison for mocking the Holocaust online.

While their behavior is offensive, it does not present a clear danger to society, and the proper way of dealing with it is through civil defamation suits.

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