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The US House of Representatives approved $500 million in aid to the Palestinians. While the per capita amount remains slightly less than the $2.8 billion allocated to Israel, the Palestinian aid comes with no strings attached.

The PLO spends US aid as it wishes while Israel has to spend it for American weapons, which cost three to five times more than comparable Russian ones.

Egypt got $1.55 billion and Jordan got $660 million.

The aid pales in comparison to the appropriations for the useless war in Iraq.

At Niilin, IDF resumed using skunk bombs against rioters. Half a year ago, skunk bombs were barred unofficially because of court pressure; the Jewish court and “human rights” activists were concerned about the pervasive smell.

The Niilin anti-fence protesters are mostly renegade Israeli Jews rather than Arabs. Despite having lost their Jewishness, they have retained their brains and will counter skunk bombs with commercially available gas masks, making for nice photo ops.

As we predicted, Erekat rejected the alleged Israel-US agreement on completing 2,500 housing units in the settlements with a temporary freeze on additional construction.

The visiting French FM told the Lebanese that Israel has six months to freeze the settlements or Obama will pull out of the peace process. We can only hope so, though it is unlikely the Hussein would leave us alone.

The USAF killed hundreds of civilians in Pakistan in forty drone strikes, according to Pakistan’s Internal Affairs Minister. The strikes continued under Obama, who is so concerned about Israel oppressing Palestinian terrorists.

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