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The leader of the gang that murdered Ilan Halimi in Paris was sentenced to life in prison.

The government will spend millions to keep the murderer and his twenty-four accomplices alive and well; their Jewish victim is dead.

Israeli Druze and Circassian minorities are continuing major riots, including roadside marches and vigils.

They demand that the government cover the deficits of their municipalities. Druze and Circassian villages are all tax-negative, and productive Jews subsidize them heavily. The municipalities steal and squander the money. Now they want even more subsidies.

A number of Druze and Circassian villages have been disconnected from their water and electricity because for decades their residents did not bother to pay.

The Druze and Circassians riot because they see that the Israeli government behaves differently toward enemy villages. Israeli Muslim Arabs are also tax-negative, and also steal and squander their budgets, and also never pay for water and electricity—but the government keeps subsidizing them lest they riot. Druzes and Circassians are loyal to the Jewish state and are not expected to act violently, so the government exerts justice upon them.

Israeli Arabs attacked a group of Russian Jews in Carmiel, Galilee, and stabbed a Jewish teen in the back.

In his G-8 statement, Obama again ruined the already slim chances for negotiations with Iran. The big-mouthed Kenyan just cannot speak the diplomatic language of Iranians, who talk softly and never mean yes by ‘yes’ and no by ‘no.’ Obama’s pushy speeches coupled with his demonstrated weakness in implementing sanctions offend and provoke Iran.

G-8 will wait until September for Iran to agree to negotiations, whereupon they can be dragged out long enough for the ayatollahs to develop nuclear weapons.

After the United States failed to stop North Korea from acquiring nukes, Obama’s threats to Iran sound empty.

An American citizen, Omhari Sengstacke, was sentenced to a whopping five years in prison for walking near Obama’s Chicago home in September 2008 and asking the guards to let him in to ask Obama for a job.

Omhari’s handgun and bulletproof vest, widely reported as a threat to Obama, lay in his car’s trunk.

After the EU’s foreign policy chief Solana met a Hezbollah leader last month, the French FM held talks with Hezbollah’s member of parliament. The British government also reached out to Hezbollah.

The European position is not especially abnormal. Many groups that once were considered terrorist, such as Mandela’s African National Congress, eventually moved onto the political scene and enjoyed international recognition.

Hezbollah has rarely acted as a terrorist group in a sense of attacking enemy civilians in covert operations.
Rare examples to the contrary, such as its attacks on Jewish civilian targets abroad, were acts of retaliation. Hezbollah’s cooperation with Palestinian terrorists does not make the Lebanese group terrorist, just as Iran and Syria, who also cooperate with Hamas, remain political entities rather than terrorist organizations.
Since Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon nine years ago Hezbollah is almost exclusively a political organizations with a legally sanctioned militia, and as such will certainly enter the European political process.

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