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Israel can benefit politically both from destroying Iran’s nuclear program and from encouraging it. Stopping Iran would restore Israel’s military credibility, which has been shattered after the two Lebanese wars. Supporting Iran on its nuclear track would stonewall Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood, and also the Saudi Arabian Wahhabites.

Iran has opted for a third way: enriching as much uranium as it can, and processing it all into nuclear bombs within the next two to three months. That way, Iran can build a significant nuclear arsenal almost immediately. Rather than becoming a North Korea-type outcast state with a handful of nukes, Iran will jump into the major leagues with dozens of nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, Egypt is also developing nuclear weapons, which eliminates the strategic advantage that Israel would gain in a nuclear Iran facing a conventionally armed Egypt.

But the main threat comes from North Korea.

After the months-long saga of Baruch Marzel fighting his way through the courts to Umm al Fahm, police approved his march in Rahat without waiting for a court order.

Rahat is the only Bedouin city in Israel (all the others are villages), and has long been a criminal nest, off-limits to Jews.

The Egyptians discovered a cache of explosives ready to be smuggled into Gaza. Which is, of course, a clear sign of moderation of the part of Hamas.

Due to the summer heat, both the leftists and Arabs appeared in bad mood.

Friday’s routine clashes at Niilin turned uncommonly violent as the Arabs, encouraged by leftist Jews, threw firebombs at Israeli soldiers.

Under strict orders to avoid killing the poor Arabs, the soldiers responded to the firebombs with tear gas and rubber bullets. The mild response provoked the Arabs to more riots.

The Media widely reported a new round of riots in Tehran.

Those riots are in fact unrelated to the elections, but merely commemorate the victims of student riots ten years ago. A very small number of people went into the streets, and they were brutally suppressed.

The government deployed the Basiji militia rather than the Revolutionary Guards, who hesitated in 1999 to go against the students.

The Religious Services Ministry has urged the installation of security cameras on the Mount of Olives, the site of a huge cemetery for prominent Jews.

Arabs from East Jerusalem continually vandalize the cemetery.

When ADL publishes its reports on vandals desecrating Jewish cemeteries worldwide, it pointedly omits Israel, where the situation is much worse than in Germany or Poland.

The UK Jewish security organization Community Security Trust, along with other Jewish organizations, praised the British police for uncovering a far-right terror network whose arms caches included grenade launchers and explosives.

The group, which is linked to the rising British National Party, planned attacks on Muslim rather than Jewish targets. The crackdown appears to be the establishment’s reaction to BNP’s electoral gains.

Far-right groups worldwide are increasingly turning from anti-Semitic to anti-Muslim attacks. Short of welcoming the patriots outright, Jewish liberals better turn a blind eye to them.

On Monday the Hussein will gather the leaders of major Jewish American organizations and communities to sell them his “peace” scheme. Obama expects those self-hating Jews to push Netanyahu toward capitulation to the Palestinians.

Hosni Mubarak confirmed the long-standing rumor that Israel refused to exchange Shalit after the list of Palestinian terrorists to be released had been agreed upon.

Acting on Barak’s authority, Israeli negotiator Amos Gilad accepted Hamas’ demand for the murderers’ release, but Olmert stopped the deal.

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