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Four young members of the almost-defunct Jewish Defense League were arrested in France after trashing a store in Paris, which was engaged in anti-Israeli incitement.

In a joint statement, the G-8 powers demanded that Israel freeze natural growth in the settlements, which only makes sense if they are eventually to be razed. They also demanded that Israel open the Gaza crossings immediately.

As usual, the statement contained rhetorical calls on the Arabs to normalize their relations with Israel, end terrorism, and release Shalit.

Shabak captured two Arabs who had murdered a random Jew in May. They strangled taxi driver Rabinowitch in Ashdod to avenge one of their dead relatives, a member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The Arabs entered Israel legally because compassionate Jews don’t want to refuse jobs to our enemies.

Obama Administration has issued refugee visas to 1,300 Palestinians who lived in Iraq. The Palestinians are now ostracized because they supported Saddam.

In previous years, America has issued almost no visas to Palestinian refugees.

Touted informally as a trial balloon for resettling Palestinians from the refugee camps, the move is unlikely to succeed: Hamas and the Arab states want the refugee problem to continue unsolved, and will campaign heavily in the camps against relocation. Also, other countries are less quixotic than the United States, and won’t resettle close to a million Palestinians.

Neither does Fatah want them in the West Bank, where they would soon begin to engage in crime and terror, the only things they have known for the past sixty years.

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