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While Israeli media were cheering Joe Biden’s green light for an Israeli attack on Iran, we rejected such an interpretation.

The next day, Obama indeed announced that American permission for the attack is not forthcoming.

Former Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu preached to religious soldiers in the IDF that they should walk out of events where girls sing, because such a performance is immodest.

No less silly, IDF command threatened religious soldiers with disciplinary action up to and including jail for abandoning the events.

Rabbi Eliyahu, accordingly, told soldiers to choose jail over singing. His halachic position is that jail is a less immodest place than the singing events.

Two decades ago, when the Supreme Court was poised to ban Kach, Rabbi Kahane asked his mentor Chief Rabbi Eliyahu for a statement that his political views were strictly within halacha, thus not subject to the anti-racism law. Rabbi Eliyahu indeed issued a statement praising Meir Kahane—hours after the court ruled to ban his party.

Speaking in Cairo, Shimon Peres declared that Israel’s Jewish character is not open to negotiation.

Well, two decades ago Jewish control over united Jerusalem was not negotiable, either. Four decades ago a Palestinian state was out of the question, even for the Left.

The Maariv reports that Obama has “allowed” Israel to complete 2,500 housing units in the West Bank, which are in advanced stages of construction.

The Kenyan also made impossible demands on Arab countries to warm their relations with Israel.

The moves will discredit Obama on the Palestinian street, which had hoped for unrelenting pressure on Israel.

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