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Half of the Likud Knesset faction signed a letter to Netanyahu urging him to ignore the two-state-solution demands, build the settlements, and stick to his electoral promises.

The US Administration aims to bring down Netanyahu’s government by placing him in pincers: Kadima is encouraged by American support, and Likud is discouraged by Bibi’s concessions to Obama.

As a way to bypass the contentious issue of settlement freeze, Barak and Mitchell adopted a regional approach. During their negotiations in London they set out a variety of dead-end goals such as peace talks with Syria and Lebanon, making the settlement issue relatively unimportant.

Barak heads the talks because the Americans are boycotting Lieberman, who as FM must conduct the negotiations.

The Jerusalem Post reports that only 1,600 illegal immigrants entered Israel this year, down from 7,700 in 2008, which was the peak year for the Africans.

The blacks turned the resort town of Eilat into a criminal area, with its parks virtually off-limits to the law-abiding population.

The government refuses to embrace the simple solution of deporting them all to Gaza, where the alleged refugees would enjoy UNRWA camps.

The mass illegal migration calls our bluff on the routine interception of would-be terrorists at the roadblocks. Real suicide bombers would receive their shahid belts in Sinai and infiltrate Israel through the Egyptian border. Those caught at the roadblocks are mostly sitting ducks: Fatah sends them to show the Palestinians it is still fighting Israel, but informs Shabak promptly so as not to spoil their cooperation.

The visiting German FM stated that Middle East peace cannot advance unless Israel freezes the settlements. Presumably Hamas would then reconcile with Fatah, PIJ would dismantle its rocket arsenals, and all of them would embrace the Jewish state, if only it would stop a few housing projects in the West Bank.

Even the Nazis supported the Zionist settlement movement, if only as a way of moving the German Jews to Palestine.

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