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At a Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu cited the national consensus on the idea of “two states for two people” as his government’s achievement. An achievement like that should have caused a wave of hara-kiri in a right-wing government.

There is no consensus, but the majority of the post-Zionist population in fact agrees to an enemy state in Judea and Samaria. That sentiment has existed for close to two decades and is in no way related to Bibi’s government.

Netanyahu tried to declare his acceptance of the two-state scenario without explicitly saying so. Ostensibly the people want two states, and Bibi does their will.

Speaking at an Aspen retreat, Fayad confirmed the offer by Ahmed Qurei to allow Jewish settlers to stay in their homes under Palestinian jurisdiction.

Many would accept such a solution, though subsequently most would relocate to Israel for a better life. Those who stay in the settlements for nationalistic reasons have no reason to persevere once their villages fall under Palestinian jurisdiction.

Palestinian citizenship for Jewish settlers is the only option which allows the Israeli government to abandon the settlements without an impractically large evacuation.

We support the Jewish settlers’ taking Palestinian citizenship. Eventually they can make their enclaves autonomous and turn them into Judea.

In a very rude statement, the EU accused Israel of making it necessary for it to donate more to the Palestinians by strangling their economy.

We can help the European taxpayers out: stop giving money to Palestinians. The EU donates more money to the PLO than do all Arab states combined.

The EU statement features such old lies as the accusation that Israel maintains Jew-only roads which somehow leave the Palestinians without fertile land.

Israeli ambulance MDA responded to Arab accusations that it did not enter Silwan promptly to treat the rioters.

For the first time, MDA stated officially the well-known fact that ambulances do not enter Arab districts of Jerusalem without police clearance and escort. Arabs regularly attack Israeli ambulances that enter their neighborhoods.

In the 1929 Hebron massacre, the Arabs murdered Jewish nurses who had treated them free of charge.

Israel’s fascist Chief Justice Aharon Barak has devoted his life to dismantling the Jewish state in favor of the Arabs’ right to do the same.

Speaking to the New Israel Fund conference, Barak declared, “If you ask a Jew if he supports kicking all the Arabs out of here, he will say: ‘Certainly.’”

In a truly democratic state, the court would do the people’s will and throw our enemies out of the country.

A Beersheva court sentenced an old lady, Fatima Al-Zak, and her niece, Ruwayda Habib, for terrorism. The two women entered Israel from Gaza, ostensibly for medical treatment, but were captured before they could conduct a suicide bombing.

This is reminiscent of the 1929 Hebron massacre, when a Jewish pharmacist opened his barricaded house to help a screaming Arab female who had faked pregnancy, whereupon the Arabs murdered his family.

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