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Abdullah the king has named his fifteen-year-old son as his successor.

Jordan is a US ally because no one else would protect the illegal state from rightful dismemberment by Israel, Syria, and Iraq.

International human rights groups, so sensitive to less-than-perfect democracy in Israel, have voiced no opposition to the Jordanian monarchy.

As the post-election riots waned, the pace of the arrests and executions of protesters increased.

The Iranian people are looking for action from the world, rather than rhetorical condemnations: Germany and Austria have not rescinded major investment projects in Iran, Russia is no less supportive of the regime than ever, and Obama refuses to impose more sanctions on the ayatollahs.

Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews fought the parking lot which the atheist mayor opened on Sabbath. The haredim bravely clashed with police. The religious Jews would be worthy of praise for pushing the state for a bit of Jewish decency—if not for their leaders’ rather selective concern for the commandments.

After the National Religious Party and Agudat Israel refused to oppose the government on the Sinai and Gaza withdrawals, and concurred in abandoning the Promised Land to our enemies, they had better shut their mouths about parking lot issues.

The Sunday Times, an official paper for Israeli government leaks, reports that Mossad has assured Netanyahu that Saudi Arabia will grant IAF overflight rights en route to bombing Iran. IAF thus can bypass Iraq, whose airspace is controlled by friendly Americans who insist on Iran’s right to nuke Israel.

While Obama has been negotiating with Saudi Arabia to secure overflight rights for Israeli commercial jets, our common Iranian enemy has made military cooperation a done deal.

There is one “but,” though. Israel’s real enemy is Wahhabite Saudi Arabia, the premier sponsor of worldwide terrorism. Israel would benefit greatly from a nuclear Iran’s expansion of its influence into the Saudi Shiite oilfields, which would break the Saudis’ wealth.

State Prosecution is investigating Nazareth city council member Hartman for wishing publicly that “all Arabs would evaporate.”

May his wish come true.

The Pentagon forced Israel Airspace Industries to drop out of the Indian tender for 120 fighter jets. The IAI’s move clears the way for American companies to win the tender.

The $3 billion a year Israel receives in American aid costs us much more in lost military export contracts.

Arabs and “human rights” organizations accuse Israeli police of not entering the neighborhood of Silwan in East Jerusalem promptly enough to quash a gun battle between two local families.

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