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IDF soldiers shot a Palestinian woman in the legs after she refused to stop while walking toward them with a gun, which was later discovered to be a toy.

The provocation shows that the Palestinians are certain that Israeli soldiers under crazy peacenik orders won’t shoot an Arab woman.

The incident took place near Jericho, the place where our biblical hero Joshua bin Nun killed all the enemy residents.

Egypt purchased a squadron of Apache helicopters from the United States.

Obama has banned Apache sales to Israel, lest we kill some poor Palestinian terrorists.

As US personnel brought seismic equipment to Rafah to detect tunnels, Palestinians started digging them 200 feet deep, at which depth they are almost undetectable to the existing equipment.

The Arabs now operate up to 800 tunnels, more than before the Gaza war.

Speaking to the Israeli Bar Association, Construction Minister Attias (Shas) rejected the possibility of Jewish-Arab coexistence in Israel. Based on last year’s Acre riots, Attias called for an end to mixed cities.

After leftist education broke the pioneering Zionist spirit of secular Jews, the haredim remain the only group willing to settle Israel’s internal frontiers. Attias, accordingly, pushed for haredi settlement in Galilee and Wadi Ara to stop the encroachment of illegal Arab construction.

The Arab construction is illegal not so much because they did not receive the necessary permits, but because the Torah bans enemies of Jews from living in the Promised Land.

The US Administration reportedly extorted flyover rights from Saudi Arabia for Israeli commercial planes en route to the Far East in return for freezing construction in the settlements. Even if the reports are true, tourists would save two to three hours at the expense of strangling thousands of settler families.

About 250 acres of forests burned down in the Galilee. As happens every summer, friendly Israeli Arabs set them on fire.

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