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It has been six weeks since the elections, and still Lebanon cannot form a new government. Hezbollah is being offered fifteen ministerial portfolios for its bloc members, but demands one more portfolio for a formally independent candidate. Sixteen ministers would give Hezbollah the veto power it had in the previous government.

Arabs are so good in science, apparently, that they constitute 16 percent of new employees in the Ministry of Science.

The surge is attributable to Majadle, an Arab Minister of Israeli Science who lacks even a high school diploma.

Israeli media are waging a war against the Internal Ministry for contemplating the deportation of the children of illegal immigrants.

Some of the immigrants in question are Africans, but many others are foreign workers who tried to stay in Israel by having babies here. The stupid Israeli state provides them with free health insurance and education, so they have every incentive to stay after their work visas expire.

In a rare feat of normalcy, the High Court rejected the NGO’s petition to stop the deportation of pregnant foreign workers.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the government is contemplating barring Israeli NGOs from taking donations from foreign governments.

The ban is unlikely because of the great influence NGOs have on leftist parties and the High Court. Shimon Peres, whose NGOs are the largest beneficiaries of foreign aid, would oppose the legislation.

The ban would be unenforceable because the aid can be channeled through Western NGOs and wealthy Israeli leftists, rather than coming directly from hostile governments.

Tit for tat is the only proper response, with Israel financing pro-independence NGOs in Basque Country and Northern Ireland. They would also appreciate military training in Israel and once they win, we can be assured of more friendly governments.

Bibi ordered immigration police to refrain from deporting the children of illegal immigrants. Now they know that in order to remain in Israel they have to breed.

In a related development, Interior Minister Yishai has rescinded the settlement restriction on illegal African migrants. The criminals are now entitled to live wherever they want.

It was 1,939 years ago that the Romans took over the Temple Mount, and naturally restricted Jewish access to the site. During yesterday’s commemoration, Jerusalem police Likewise barred Jews from ascending the Temple Mount lest the Arabs be offended. In a Kafka-esque twist, Jews were barred from the Mount after police arrested three Arab rioters.

Police usually close Mearat HaMachpela in Hebron and the Temple Mount to Jews during Muslim holidays so our enemies can feast unmolested. No similar policy is enforced on Jewish holidays.

In the newest Pew Research poll 5 percent of Palestinians, as opposed to 84 percent of Israelis, view the United States as a strategic partner.

In recent years the number of Palestinians who support US anti-terrorism efforts increased five-fold: from two to ten percent.

Sixty-three percent of Israelis and sixty-eight percent of Palestinians detest American economic influence.

Seventy-five percent of Palestinians have no confidence in Obama. Fifteen percent of Palestinians view the US favorably.

World media are salivating over Mashaal’s offer of peace in a Wall Street Journal interview.

Hamas is ready to return Shalit immediately—if Israel releases 1,400 terrorist murderers.
Hamas would sign a truce with Israel—but not a peace treaty.
Hamas will join the peace talks—if Israel agrees to talk with a terrorist organization.

To boot, Israel must accept all Palestinian refugees and cede Jerusalem to the Arabs.

The Israeli government has asked the US Administration to build a nuclear plant here despite Israel’s refusal to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel has long wanted to build a nuclear plant but cannot allow the IAEA to inspect our alleged military nuclear sites.

Instead, Israel can follow Iran’s example: sign the NPT, contract Russia to build a cheap reactor, and then refuse to allow the IAEA to conduct inspections of her military facilities.

Israel need not spend billions on technology we have already mastered. We can build the reactor ourselves without signing the NPT and rest assured that there will be no significant sanctions.

During his visit to Israel Gates promoted a new round of sanctions against Iran.

The sanctions might include a ban on petroleum exports to Iran—which is nonsense. For a couple of years, Iran will manage to import petroleum from the Far East, and during that time Russia will build new refineries according to the already-placed tenders.

Most worryingly, Gates envisages a second round of sanctions, including a ban on Iranian ships and aircraft landing in Western countries. Iranians would easily bypass the restriction by re-chartering their vessels under foreign flags. The second round contradicts Obama’s promise to act against Iran if no agreement with the mullahs is reached by the year’s end.

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