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Acting on government orders, the Israeli Navy intercepted a Free Gaza boat that tried to break the blockade. The Navy threatened to drown the boat.

A previous Free Gaza boat, the Dignitysank under odd circumstances.

Sarkozy urged Lieberman’s ouster during a meeting with Netanyahu. Outrageous as it may seem, the suggestion conforms to French diplomatic norms.

Sarkozy is notoriously loose-lipped when commenting on foreign leaders.

The Supreme Court ruled that a Christian (“Jews for Jesus”) baker from Ashdod is entitled to a kosher certificate for his bakery.

It is obscene to see the atheistic court meddling in purely religious matters. The law of kashrut requires the baker to be Jewish, or at least to delegate important tasks to Jews. The Supreme Court has ruled in past immigration cases that conversion to Christianity is incompatible with Jewishness.

In practice, the rabbis would accord the Christian baker kosher supervision, but they would supervise him to the death of his business.

The Red Cross issued another scathing report accusing our country of “desperation” in Gaza, and a number of “war crimes.”

According to its charter, the ICRC can only provide immediate help to POWs and displaced persons (DP). By aiding Gazans, the ICRC recognizes them as DPs, who are thus entitled to return to Haifa and Jaffa.

Bibi has met Tzipi for the first time since April. The PM’s “security consultations” with the opposition leader clearly relate to Iran.

Now that US-Iranian relations (and Netanyahu’s relations with Obama) have hit a new low, the road for an Israeli attack on Iran is clear.

An East Jerusalem resident routinely punished his children for interrupting his rest by putting their hands on the stove.

The Arab has been arrested.