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Just a day before Barak was scheduled to meet Mitchell and other officials in New York, the Defense Ministry approved the construction of a massive 1,450-unit development in the settlement of Adam.

The move amounts to slapping Obama, who demands a settlement freeze, and is even odder coming from Barak, who normally opposes the settlements.

It seems that Netanyahu and Barak have become unlikely allies against Obama, whom both despise deeply now that the initial respect and goodwill has faded away.

After months of diplomatic fighting, an Israeli freeze on settlement construction would now be a major victory for the Palestinians. Having launched and lost wars with Israel, they now set the settlement freeze as a precondition of peace talks with Jews.

In the wake of the disbursement of ministerial portfolios Beirut saw new clashes, which left some Arabs dead. In the previous government too, portfolios were allocated in street fighting.

Unlike the humane Israeli police, the Arabs confronted each other with live bullets and explosives.

Ultra-corrupt Hariri and ultra-terrorist Hezbollah sent their supporters into the streets in a show of power.

But of course they would all unite to live in peace with Jews, as proponents of the peace fiction claim.

If the Knesset votes for the government bill, religious schools will receive the same per-pupil municipal financing as other private schools.

Years ago, the Supreme Court penalized religious schools: unless they accepted all the Ministry of Education’s courses, which include atheist propaganda, their financing was capped at 75 percent of that of other private schools.

For twenty-three centuries religious schools have made the Jews the most literate nation on Earth and developed the famed Jewish intellect.

Nir Barkat campaigned on promises to halt the illegal Arab construction that has plagued Jerusalem for decades.

According to the Haaretz, Barkat has prepared a plan to legalize 80 percent of the illegal construction, which houses 180,000 of our Arab enemies.