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Ahmadinejad and Obama traded accusations of meddling in Iranian affairs and brutality, respectively. The two demagogues used expressions which, in practice, preclude their reconciliation.

In the response to a ruling by the Washington District Court, Russia rejected the US court’s authority to order it to preserve a huge collection of Hassidic manuscripts.

The Chabad movement brought the case to save tens of thousands of manuscripts which the Nazis and Russians had looted from Jews in the twentieth century. The manuscripts are stored in appalling conditions, and many have found their way to the black market.

The Russians refuse to transfer the manuscripts to Chabad. The Israeli government transferred Sergiev Courtyard in Jerusalem to the Russians.

The Quartet’s envoy Tony Blair says that peace can be achieved fairly soon if Israel accepts a number of compromises.

Presumably those compromises include such minor things as evicting up to half a million Jews from their homes, giving up Judea and Samaria, and allowing a Hamas terrorist state across the border.

Blair did not ask the Palestinians to accept any compromises.